Husqvarna Showcases Electric Scooter & Motorcycle Concepts To Public

Husqvarna e-pilen img1

At the 2021 IAA Mobility Show, Husqvarna has put the E-Pilen, Vektorr, and BLTZ EVs on display to public for the first time ever

Husqvarna first unveiled the Vektorr and BLTZ back in May this year, and the E-Pilen was revealed just a few weeks earlier, in April. The Swedish two-wheeler manufacturer has now put its Vektorr e-scooter, BLTZ kickscooter, and E-Pilen e-bike concepts on display to the public for the first time ever, at the IAA Mobility show in Munich, Germany.

All three EVs follow Husqvarna’s current design language, but with a futuristic undertone. The E-Pilen motorbike has the same overall styling as Husky’s Vitpilen models, featuring a round LED headlight, raised single-piece handlebar, and a sleek tail section. Instead of the fuel tank, the e-bike gets a storage compartment for its three removable batteries.

The manufacturer claims a maximum range of 100 km on a full charge. The motorcycle gets an 8 kW (10.87 PS) electric motor, which is good for an expected top speed of around 100 to 120 kmph. The specifications are not very exciting, but for a city runner, these are respectable figures.

Husqvarna Vektorr img1

The Vektorr has rather unique styling, featuring a sporty front apron (with integrated LED headlamp and DRLs), simplistic side panels, and a floating-type single-piece seat. The electric scooter also gets a single-sided telescopic suspension setup on the front wheel, and a single-sided swingarm at the rear.

The Vektorr is rated at a top speed of 45 kmph, which isn’t too much. However, that makes it legal to ride without a motorcycle license in many countries. The range is claimed to be around 95 km, which is fine for an urban commuter. The specifications of the battery and motor haven’t been revealed though.

Husqvarna BLTZ img1

The design of the BLTZ is the simplest; it looks just like a regular kickscooter, but gets the added bonus of an electric motor to aid mobility. Not much information has been revealed about it, but it reportedly gets a removable battery as well. This is much smaller in size though, and we don’t expect it to offer sizzling performance.

There’s no official word on when and if these concepts will turn into production models. However, with electrification taking hold of the global automobile industry, it seems likely that at least one of these will hit the production lines very soon.