Humble One Is The World’s First Solar Powered Electric SUV

Humble One Electric SUV 10

Humble One uses over 80 sq feet of photovoltaic solar roof panels and it produces approximately 96 km of range per day

It is no secret that American electric vehicle manufacturers are taking the world by storm in recent years. Tesla has been making history with several noteworthy achievements and names such as Lucid, Faraday Future, Lucid and Fisker have proven that the zero-emission vehicle technology will only get better than it already is in the coming years.

A California-based startup called Humble Motors is looking to join the fray and it has unveiled the One electric SUV. To grab attention and take the technologies forward, it is powered by solar as Humble believes that solar is the future of mobility and that solar propelled EVs are the next big step in tackling carbon neutrality.

Going by the latest trend of developing SUVs is certainly a good idea but we will have to wait and see how big a success it can be. Currently, what we know is that the Humble One features more than 80 sq feet of photovoltaic solar roof panels. It does the job of capturing sunlight and transforming it to energy that can be used to propel the One.

Humble One Electric SUV 9

Claimed to be the world’s first solar-powered electric SUV, the Humble One does have unique features. It is apparently not the first passenger vehicle to have solar panels on the roof as the new Hyundai Sonata and Karma Revero come to mind. But, in the contrary, the electric SUV uses the solar roof to deliver energy to produce approximately 96 km of range per day.

It will be good enough for daily commutes and we wonder how the source would supply energy in, let us say, rainy days! Humble has not revealed the technology it will employ though to back up its bold claims. The electric SUV is just over five metres long and tips the weighing scale at around 1,800 kilograms.

Humble One Electric SUV 8

Humble has said that the One will cost at least USD 109,000 and the deliveries will commence only in 2024 and already USD 20 million in pre-bookings have been received for the electric SUV. The four-seater is claimed to have been built with lightness in mind.