September 2019 Discounts On Mahindra XUV500, Scorpio, Bolero, Marazzo

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Mahindra offers a good deal of discounts in September 2019 to lure in new customers across its portfolio

The recent sales decline prevailing across the automotive industry has impacted the car brands by a huge margin. Unfazed, the manufacturers are using the festive season to make some sort of sales revival and thus discounts are being offered. Mahindra & Mahindra has also got in the act and is providing lucrative discounts across the board.

The KUV100 is sold with up to Rs. 35,000 cash discount, Rs. 5,000 on accessories, Rs. 29,000 exchange bonus and Rs. 4,000 corporate discount. The pre-facelifted TUV300, on the other hand, is offered with up to Rs. 52,000 cash discount, Rs. 5,000 worth accessories, Rs. 15,000 exchange bonus and Rs. 4,500 corporate bonus.

The bigger TUV300 Plus variant comes with Rs. 35,000 cash discount for the P4 model, Rs. 5,000 worth accessories, Rs. 25,000 exchange bonus and Rs. 5,000 corporate discount. The Power Plus Bolero gets Rs. 11,500 cash discount, Rs. 3,500 in accessories, Rs. 10,000 exchange and Rs. 4,000 corporate offers respectively.



Mahindra Cars Discounts In September 2019
KUV100 Upto Rs 35K Cash + Rs 5000 Accessories + Rs 29,000 Exchange + Rs 4000 Corporate
TUV300 (Pre Facelift) Upto Rs 52K Cash + Rs 5000 Accessories + Rs 15,000  Exchange + Rs 4500 Corporate
TUV300 Plus Rs 35K Cash Discount (P4) + Rs 5000 Accessories + Rs 25,000 Exchange + Rs 5000 Corporate
Bolero Power Plus Rs 11.5K Cash + Rs 3500 Accessories + Rs 10,000 Exchange + Rs 4000 Corporate
Thar ABS Rs 9000 Cash Discount + Rs 5000 Accessories
XUV300 Rs 15,000 Exchange
Marazzo M2, M4 Rs 15,000 Exchange + Rs 7000 Corporate
Marazzo M6, M8 1st Year Insurance + Rs 40,000 Exchange + Rs 7000 Corporate
Scorpio (except Base) Rs 20K Cash + 10K Accessories + Rs 25,000 Exchange + Rs 5000 Corporate
XUV500 (except W3) Rs 26K Cash + Rs 10K Accessories + Rs 25,000 Exchange+ Rs 9000 Corporate

Except for the W3 variant, the Scorpio is retailed with up to Rs. 60,000 discounts while another popular SUV, the XUV500 gets Rs. 26,000 cash discount, Rs. 10,000 worth accessories, Rs. 25,000 on exchange bonus and Rs. 9,000 corporate discount. The discount scheme is available in all variants but the W3.

The largest UV maker in the country introduced the XUV300 in the middle of February 2019 and it has been a tremendous success so far. The compact SUV does not come under cash or corporate offer but the exchange bonus stands at Rs. 15,000.

Mahindra Marazzo Front View_

The Thar off-roader is getting a brand new generation in the early parts of next year and thus it comes with Rs. 9,000 cash discount and Rs. 5,000 worth accessories in September 2019. The Marazzo is also sold with good deal of discounts this month as the MPV can be had with Rs. 15,000 exchange bonus and Rs. 7,000 corporate discount in the M2 and M4 variants.

The high-spec M6 and M8 variants of the Marazzo is retailed with Rs. 40,000 exchange bonus, Rs. 7,000 corporate discount and one-year free insurance.