How To Protect Your Car During Winter Season – 8 Winter Car Care Tips

winter car care tips

Here are some simple tips to take care of your car during the winter season and they will come effective in a number of situations

During each season, we do need to check our cars to make sure that they work at the best. Winter season has already arrived and you need to check the health of the car as cold temperature can take a toll on performance, so here are some simple tips to take care your car during the winter season.

1. Tyre Health Check

Tyres are the only thing which is in contact with the road surface but most people forget the importance. First, you need to check the tyre pressure as the temperate difference can drop the pressure and if you drive with low-pressure tyre then it could increase wear and tread separation. Also, low tyre pressure can increase fuel consumption. So before going out, check the tyre pressure and make sure that it is in the recommended range.

2. Engine Idling

Well, this tip will help you in all weather condition to improve the life of your engine. When you start the vehicle in the morning, let the engine idle for a minute or so and don’t rev the engine as the oil will take more time to reach all the parts. The idling time will allow fuel pumps to pressurise the electrical system and a complete diagnostics check will be done first, which will reduce stress on the battery.

wintercar care tips

3. Lubricating The Doors

During the winter season, one most common problem is door getting jammed or make a squeaky sound. To prevent this to happen, applying good quality lubricants and this problem will be eliminated.

4. Battery Care

The battery is one of the most important components in a car and during winter, the fluid inside the battery will get thickened and the current won’t flow efficiently. Each month, the customer needs to perform a Volt test to check the condition and if the battery is slightly discharged then get it topped up and if weak, replace it.

5. Coolant Check

Anti-freeze or Coolant is one of the most important things you need to check during the winter season and it is recommended to use 50-50 mix of coolant and water. Also, make sure that there is any leak and if the coolant level is low, then top it up.

6. Heater

Another thing, which you use most during the winter season is heater and defrosters before the winter season makes sure that everything works well.

7. Lights

During the winter season, morning and evening will be foggy, so you need to make sure that all the lights are working in good condition especially fog lamps and all indicators as they are more useful during foggy conditions. If any bulbs are burnt out then replace them immediately.

8. Wiper Blades

People think that wipers are only needed for monsoon season but they are not as good wipers can clean your windshield, which will help you to see well. If blades leave any streaks or miss spots then replace them and get a double bladed wiper.