Honda’s Big Expansion Plans For BigWing Dealerships – Details

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In just a month, Honda doubled the BigWing dealerships from four to eight outlets and another 20+ will be opened by December 31, 2020

Honda had long been expected to bring in a direct rival to the entry-level 350 cc Royal Enfield motorcycles, as it is a volume player. The H’ness CB350, based on the retro CB series, did come as a surprise though and within three weeks of its debut, the Japanese brand has rolled out more than 1,000 units of the retro motorcycle.

The popularity of the Honda H’ness CB350 has steadily been increasing due to its no-frills classic-styled design theme with modern equipment and the price tag appealing to a wide set of buyers. Utilising its good reception, Honda will be rapidly expanding the BigWing dealerships, known for offering premium motorcycles only.

The H’ness CB350 sits at the entry point of the BigWing dealerships and its footprint will be widened to as many as 50 cities across the country by March 2021. Over the period of the next twelve to twenty-four months, the BigWing portfolio will be strengthened with the addition of four to five new motorcycles along with BS6 version of CB300R.

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These will be in the sub 500 cc category and thus the possibilities of them acting as main competitors to the Royal Enfield motorcycles are high. As part of the new expansion strategy, Honda has already doubled its BigWing outlets from four to eight in the span of just a month and more showrooms are being setup as well.

By the end of December, the second largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the country is planning to open 25 more BigWing outlets in India in different regions. Within the next two years, Honda is expected to inaugurate around 250 to 300 BigWing dealerships to reach out more customers with the expanding product portfolio.


Some regular dealerships dubbed the RedWing Dealerships already have BigWing counters in a separate place within the showroom or adjacent to that for the high-end bikes like the CBR650 will also sell Highness 350 and upcoming middleweight bikes.

With the launch of the H’ness CB350, Honda introduced a new BigWing dealership concept that can be seen in the recently inaugurated outlets in Bhilai, Bareilly, and Saharanpur that will only sell sub-500 cc motorcycles while the BigWing topline is currently in four cities including Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bengaluru & Kochin selling bikes from CB350 Highness to Goldwing.