Honda V-GO Electric Scooter Showcased At 2019 Shanghai Motor Show

Honda V-GO Shanghai Motor Show 2019

The V-GO is Honda China’s first lightweight lithium battery operated electric scooter meant for urban buyers

Honda showcased their latest electric scooter V-GO at the ongoing 2019 Shanghai Motor show. Honda teamed up with Wuyang-Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) company which is their subsidiary in China and developed this scooter for the urban buyers. The V-GO just like we said is a small and compact but very modern looking electric scooter which uses a lithium battery to power its motor and comes with 40-60km range.

The Honda V-GO is the first lithium electric battery scooter developed by Honda China. There is no doubt in the fact that this electric scooter is an important new landmark in Honda’s electrification strategy. The battery and the motor have been positioned in a unique way to achieve a low-centre of gravity.

The battery has been positioned exactly under the foot pedals that will help in giving the rider total control and stability. The scooter is ideal for urban condition and will not feel underpowered while exiting a steep underground parking lot or even climbing an elevated section of the road (up to 16 degrees).

honda v-go electric scooter

If we talk about styling, the V-GO has a very compact, lean and simple design. The front apron gets an integrated LED headlamp. The electric motor is positioned towards the rear wheel of the scooter. For stopping, it uses a disc brake towards the front and for the safety of the rider, it also gets Honda’s patented CBS (Combined Braking System).

Like we already mentioned above, the electric scooter is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery developed specifically by Honda. The battery has been designed carefully to prevent malfunctioning when overcharged and also short circuit when discharging. The outer casing of the battery pack has been finished in aluminium alloy to protect it from any sudden impact.

Honda V-GO

The Honda V-GO also gets GPS intelligent linkage app and a Smart key configuration with locking steering wheel function. The mobile phone app not only displays the location of the vehicle on the but it also has anti-theft components. The prices for the Honda V-Go electric scooter starts at 7,988 yuan that translates to around Rs 82,971 in Indian currency.