Honda Smart Intersection Technology To Help Drivers See Through Buildings

Honda Smart Intersection Technology uses cameras and object-recognition software to alert the drivers driving through intersections to help avoid collisions

Intersections are critical areas of streets which account for nearly 20 per cent of the fatality rate that occurs every year in the USA. So in order to stop the accidents and make the intersections safer Honda has designed a completely new “Smart Intersection” technology for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. The key part of this technology is to sense things which the drivers can’t usually see or hear while driving through an intersection.

There are plenty of intersections in the USA which are blocked by shops or buildings on all the four corners often obstructing the driver’s view. Honda partnered with City of Marysville and the State of Ohio for research purpose which will help them to understand how the V2X technologies can be further developed so that it can be deployed for the benefits of all road users.

Ohio is a part of the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor project which works to address the limitations of vehicles’ onboard sensors to avoid collisions at intersections. The place also is the home for Honda assembly plant which builds the Accord sedan, Acura TLX, and the ILX.

This technology works with the help of a camera and some other equipment positioned on top of traffic signal poles at each corner of the intersection which helps long-distance transmission of computerized information. All these pieces of equipment then transfer the data to the driver with the help of automaker’s proprietary object-recognition software.


The software classifies a vehicle or any other moving object which could be another vehicle, pedestrians or motorcycles and helps aware the driver via a dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) signal by sending visual audio warnings or alerts. So far Honda has been able to use 200 connected vehicles for evaluation in the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and Smart Columbus project.

Ted Klaus, vice president of strategic research at Honda R&D Americas, said: “Honda believes that V2X technology is an essential component of a smarter and safer transportation ecosystem and can play a role in our dream for a zero-collision society,”.