Honda Shine 100 First Ride Review – Highly Affordable & Practical

Honda Shine 100 First Ride Review

Honda Shine 100 is currently the most affordable motorcycle within the brand’s domestic portfolio but are there too many compromises? Find it out in our review!

The Shine series has been the most successful motorcycle brand for Honda in India. It garners good sales numbers in the mass market space for its affordability, practicality, utility nature, highly refined engine, ease of commuting and fuel efficiency.

Honda has taken us aback by putting the Shine name onto a 100 cc motorcycle and making it more accessible to consumers. The biggest question is have they delivered? Let us find it out here!

The 100 cc segment makes up for 28 per cent of total two-wheeler sales and thus having another entry-level motorcycle would only do them good in this particular space. We rode the Honda Shine 100 in Aamby Valley City and instantly what you would notice is how it looks similar to its bigger sibling, the SP 125.

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The smooth flowing no-nonsense design language will appease everyday commuter-wanting buyers. But there’s more to the Honda Shine 100 than just decent looks! The parameters defining the commuter space are utility, refinement and mileage. Despite claiming that it offers the best-in-class fuel economy, Honda, unfortunately, did not specify a number.

Considering that the CD 110 is capable of well over 65 kmpl and is 13 kg heavier than the Shine 100, we can expect it to deliver higher fuel efficiency. The diamond frame is said to be specifically developed for the Shine 100 and courtesy of the long wheelbase of 1,245 mm and an aluminium single-piece grab rail, it can suffice the utility needs of buyers in the suburbs.

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It is complemented by the ground clearance of 168 mm and it helped in tackling the bad road sections without a hassle and some mild off-roading too. Although nothing to fancy about, the Honda Shine 100 has a solid build quality except for the fenders and it comes with a regular twin-pod analogue instrument cluster showing basic info. The new 98.98 cc engine develops 7.3 hp and 8.05 Nm and is paired with a four-speed transmission.

The engine is well refined in the low and mid rpm levels and it enables a top speed of just above 80 kmph. You can push a little further but you will have to hang in there longer. The 50-60 kmph range is decent for cruising and you can eke out good mileage in this particular range but climbing up speeds from there takes patience and a longer stretch of tarmac. The four-speed gearbox performs well when not shifted in a hurry and the heel-toe shifter doesn’t have a clunky feel upon regular inputs.

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Since the motorcycle is light, you can flick around the corners and the grip levels provided by the tubed MRF tyres are decent on regular tarmac. The 677 mm long seat is one of the highlights of the Honda Shine 100 as it offers good comfort, compounding the not-too-soft suspension setup. The rider and the pillion can easily move back and forth on the wide seat.

But when the going gets tough, the telescopic front forks would take a beating as the motorcycle is already too light. The seat height of 786 mm will suit almost all kinds of riders. The front and rear drum brakes are assisted by CBS (Combined Braking System) and it is not that inspiring. In regular commuting standards, the braking feel is just fine but there is room for improvement.

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The clutch feels light and the levers are well laid out while the handlebar makes you sit upright in a typical commuter fashion. The Honda Shine 100 is priced aggressively against rivals at Rs. 64,900 (ex-showroom) as it undercuts Hero Splendor Plus and Bajaj Platina 100. It has the longest wheelbase in its segment while also being the lightest tipping the weighing scale at 99 kg. However, the fuel tank capacity of 9 litres is the lowest in its segment and is too slim to have any hold for the knees.

The Shine 100 is a good deal for anyone wanting to have the signature Honda flair of refinement, comfort, low maintenance, practicality and mileage in a single affordable package.