Honda Seeks New Evidence to Prove Itself Not Guilty in Takata Case


Millions of cars around the world from various automakers have been affected by Takata’s defective airbags; leading wide number of recall

Honda is one of the auto majors that have been majorly affected by the Takata airbag scam. As several auto manufacturers are facing class-action lawsuit due to the scam, Honda too is among them. The company has argued that it had nothing to do with the scandal and now the company seeks new evidence to prove itself not guilty.

The Japanese automaker has already appealed to a judge in Miami who is overseeing the nationwide lawsuit against several car manufacturers. It says Honda vehicles have suffered from loss of value and the company had to bear with huge cost of recall programs across the world to fix the defective Takata airbags. It claims that the company itself has been the victim of the scandal and it had no involvement in the issue as a partner in crime.


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Takata’s airbag inflators have been accused of having a serious malfunction that could transform the life saving safety component into a life taking one. Globally at least 16 people died due to the faulty airbag inflators, among which 11 deaths were reported in US only. The airbag inflators have been reported of having such a fault that make the bags explode and send metal shards fatally injuring the occupants inside the cabin.

Incidentally, Honda is the most affected carmaker among all the global brands that have been affected by Takata’s scam. The company had to recall around 100 million vehicles to fix the faulty airbags that led a huge cost to the company. In India too, Honda recalled several models in last two year to repair the defective airbag inflators.

2015 Datsun Airbag Go Go+

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In may this year, four auto manufacturers agreed to a total of $553 million settlement in the case to cover around 16 million recalled vehicles. Apart from Honda, other global auto majors fighting the lawsuit include Ford and Nissan.