Honda SC e: Concept Makes World Premiere, Is This The Activa EV?

Honda SC e: Concept
Honda SC e: Concept

Honda SC e: Concept seeks to eliminate waiting time between charges by using two swappable batteries; boasts an alluring design

It is no secret that Honda is working on a whole new range of electric two-wheelers for the global markets. While the Japanese auto major has stayed quiet in the electric scooter space in India, and the same can be said for fellow compatriots such as Yamaha and Suzuki, Honda has been investing big sum of money for R&D purposes and partnering with other brands to bring in EVs.

This has been more than evident since the debut of the EM1 electric scooter a few months ago and at its home motoring show in Tokyo, Honda has hosted the world premiere of the SC e: Concept. The Japan Mobility Show 2023 sees Honda venturing into different segments as the Pocket Concept, MEV-VAN Concept, Sustaina-C Concept, Honda Power Pod e: Prototype, etc reflecting its desire to pursue different styles of electric mobility.

Honda has confirmed that the SC e: Concept is just a prototype and no plans production plans have been made yet. However, it could act as a precursor to an electric scooter based on the Activa as its platform could be shared. In Honda’s words, the concept is “an electric personal commuter scooter, equivalent to a “Class 2 moped” in Japan”.

Honda SC e: Concept

It is equipped with swappable batteries to eliminate the waiting time between charges. The Honda SC e: Concept uses “two units of Honda Mobile Power Pack e: swappable batteries,”. It is claimed to offer a smooth and powerful ride “unique only to an electric motorcycle” and is said to offer more comfort for people’s daily commutes.

The electric motor’s characteristics have been leveraged to offer less noise and vibration.
Courtesy of the two Honda MPPs, it has good maximum top speed and range, although no numbers are specified. Honda did note that the scooter’s size and power are large enough for tandem riding. The concept does have alluring looks and if the Activa EV looks half as good as this, Honda might have a winner on its hands.

The Honda SC e: Concept has conventional looks with sharp lighting elements and smooth-flowing body panels, an upmarket-looking single-piece seat, a flat floorboard, neatly integrated side stand.