Honda Riding Assist Breaks Cover at CES 2017


Honda Riding Assist is a self-balancing motorcycle that uses a Balance Control technology to prevent falling over when at rest

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer Honda has taken the opportunity at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas to showcase its unique Riding Assist motorcycle. The Honda Riding Assist is a self-balancing motorcycle that uses the company’s balance Control technology and therefore prevents from tipping over when the rider and the machine are at stop.

Honda claims that the Riding Assist will be beneficial for the new riders. The bike uses the technology borrowed from Honda’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device which is also a concept displayed at the CES 2017. The self-balancing is done by raking the front forks and also by moving the front wheel back and forth.

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Not only that, the Honda Riding Assist comes with another very interesting function. The company says, this bike will literally follow the rider when he or she is walking away from it. The self balancing technology will greatly help the shorter riders at traffic lights. The concept bike has been designed and developed on the Honda NC750 platform, which is an adventure tourer.

Now, sooner the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer introduces this technology to its upcoming motorcycles better it is for its future endeavours. Apart from the regular riders and their bikes, the adventure tourer models will be greatly benefitted with higher seating position. Managing these bikes are pretty difficult for shorter riders, but the Riding Assist technology will surely help them.


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Though the company has displayed the unique concept, the production detail of the Honda Riding Assist is yet to be disclosed. We expect Honda motorcycles to come incorporating this technology in the near future.