Honda Plans Range Of Electric SUVs And Sedans Based On New Platform

Honda BR V Compact SUV

A dedicated modular architecture will be used to develop the future electric vehicles of the Japanese brand across different segments

Honda’s upcoming e hatchback has gained a lot of attention across the globe mainly for its conventional yet cutesy looks and the close-to-reality attitude with appreciable driving range. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom, it was displayed to the public with good reception.

Just like every other global carmaker, Honda is preparing to have a future brimmed with electric vehicles. It is no secret that the Japanese brand is developing a dedicated BEV architecture, which would be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of zero-emission vehicles in different body types appealing to varying set of customers.

Details about the EV platform were revealed a few weeks ago, as it will be capable of complying with different battery configurations as well. Honda says the flexible characteristics of the architecture will really come into play, as it will also be available with all-wheel-drive system.

honda e electric

Additionally, it will help in lowering the production costs of the upcoming eco-friendly vehicles, as the single platform will underpin a range of models. To further cut down the costs, the vehicles will share several components between each other depending on their market positioning and of course the price bracket they will be slotted in.

While Honda did not give us much information, a recent media report indicates that the architecture will spawn products only by the middle of next decade. It is said to underpin “everything from crossovers to sedans”. They will have standard rear-mounted electric motor offering rear-wheel-drive system.

honda e

They will have optimised 50:50 weight distribution and RWD will aid in sporty handling characteristics as well. It will more specifically be used in the C- and D-segment vehicles internationally with highly efficient packaging and smooth driving experience.

As for the immediate future, Honda will be expanding the reach of its twin-motor hybrid technology to the smaller vehicles. The high voltage tech will be employed onto the plug-in hybrids, fuel cell vehicles and battery electric vehicles eventually to improve performance.

Honda intends to offer “right products in the right places at the right time” and thus the technology offerings will diversify based on the demographic and market conditions.