Honda Navi Discontinued Again? 1 Unit Dispatched In Last 2 months

Honda Navi Discontinued In India Due To Poor Sales

The unconventional looking Honda Navi’s sales figure have come down in the recent past. Honda dispatched only one unit of the moto-scooter in December

The Honda Navi moto-scooter, which is based on the Honda Activa platform was taken off last year when the BS IV update came to the market. The Navi was re-launched in the market but it never did as Honda expected it to do. It was a fun scooter that offers motorcycle-style seating and handling while offering the scooter-like dynamics and ease.

As per the latest sales data, Honda sold only 1 unit of the Navi in the month of December. Has the low sales figure forced the scooter to be discontinued from the market? Well, it can be a possibility but Honda is yet to announce anything on the matter officially. It is also possible that Honda is again working to update the Navi as new safety regulations will be implemented in the market from 1st April 2019.

Honda dealerships sold the Navi at throw-away prices on 31st March 2018 to ensure that the stocks clear out. From 1st April 2018, only BS-IV compliant vehicles were allowed to sell in the market. This caused a huge loss to many dealerships. It is quite possible that Honda has stopped the production of the older Navi and is working on an updated model that will comply with the upcoming safety rules.

As per the new Supreme Court ruling, all the two-wheelers that are powered by 125cc or lower capacity engine will have to offer mandatory Combi-Brake System. All the two-wheelers of 125cc and above capacity will have to offer mandatory ABS.


Honda Navi is based on the Activa, which already offers Combi-Braking system. It seems like Honda will use the same system on the Navi if it gets updated. The Navi is powered by the same 109cc, single-cylinder engine of the Honda Activa that generates a maximum power of 7.83 Bhp and a peak torque of 8.96 Nm.

The Navi gets the same V-matic transmission and can reach a top speed of 81 km/h. Honda Navi is a niche product and will never get the huge numbers like the Activa but it is quite good to see such an experimental product in the market.