Honda Navi and Cliq Automatic Scooters Likely Discontinued

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Honda discontinued the Cliq and Navi due to low demand and decided not to upgrade both the models with the BS-VI technology.

The high cost of up-gradation to the BS-VI technology has forced the Indian automakers to go the consolidation way, discontinuing low performing models, that are more of a burden for the brand. One such manufacturer to take the consolidation route is the two-wheeler giant Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) or Honda Two-Wheelers as it is commonly known as.

Recently Honda announced that they will not upgrade all models to the BS-VI engine norms. It seems like Honda Navi and Honda Cliq have become the first two models be discontinued due to this very reason.

In July 2019, no units of the Navi and Cliq were sold in India, which implies they might have been discontinued. This is not the first time zero units of both the scooters were sold. In June 2019 too, Honda sold zero units of both the scooters. However, there’s no official word from Honda.



Honda launched the Cliq and Navi as two unconventional and different products, but both of them performed rather poorly. They failed to meet the internal targets set by the company and there performance is said to be the reason HMSI axed these two products.
Priced at Rs 45,300 the Navi was launched in 2016 as a youthful small two-wheeler and is facing sales decline for almost a year now.

The Honda Cliq, another modern scooter faced the same fate and have been selling less than 200 units for many months. Despite being priced Rs 10,000 cheaper than the Activa, the Cliq has been performing poorly for a brand that sells scooters like Activa doing 2.5 Lakh units monthly.

Honda has 24 models in the portfolio and recently updated the Honda Activa with the BS-VI technology, making it India’s first two-wheeler to get BS-VI tech. However, Honda has not officially launched Activa BS-VI in India. Honda manufactures 19 models of 24 in India, while 3 are CKD built and 2 are brought through CBU route in India.