Honda H’ness Vs CB350 RS Features & Design Comparison – Video

Honda H'ness Vs CB350 RS

Honda CB350 RS is a scrambler take on the regular H’ness CB350 with a number of notable differences that are explained in detail here

Honda expanded the H’ness CB350’s range only a few days ago with the arrival of the CB350 RS. Priced around Rs. 4,000 more than the H’ness, at Rs. 1.96 lakh (ex-showroom), the Honda CB350 RS is a scrambler with notable changes compared to its bigger sibling and we have explained everything in detail in our comparison video to give you a clear idea of which one to buy!

The H’ness CB350 is sold in DLX and DLX Pro variants but the CB350 is offered in a single trim. As far as design is concerned, the Japanese manufacturer has opted out the chrome bits found in the legendary CB series of the past in favour of the sportier black treatment in the CB350 RS. It features black finished front and rear fenders, as well as a heat shielded and slightly upswept black exhaust system.

The rear twin shock absorbers are also done up in black, as do the front telescopic forks covered in fork boots and black footrests. To make the CB350 RS a scrambler, Honda has given a new ‘tuck and roll’ single-piece black seat setup along with a redesigned LED tail lamp, which tucks under the seat, as opposed to the outwardly unit found in the H’ness CB350 giving a stubby appearance.

Due to the new arrangement for the tail lamp, the CB350 RS also gets sharper LED turn indicators. In addition, a new engine guarding bash plate has been added and the side panels are also restyled. The LED headlamp gets a unique surround in the CB350 RS and elsewhere, the chrome bits are carried over. With the Honda CB350 RS being a sportier take on the H’ness, it appeals to a different set of customers.

Honda only offers the CB350 RS in dual-tone black and yellow colours along with the metallic red paintjob whereas the H’ness CB350 is available in six colour schemes. The CB350 RS is based on the same half-duplex frame as the regular CB350 and it is equipped with 310 mm front disc and 240 mm rear disc with a dual-channel ABS system as standard.

Another key difference is the CB350 RS having 17-inch rear wheel as opposed to 18-incher in the H’ness CB350. The front-wheel size remains at 19 inches and it also gets wider 150 section tyres in contrary to 130 section rubber in the CB350. A 348 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine is employed in both the models delivering around 20.7 bhp and 30 Nm.

It is mated to a five-speed transmission. The equipment list boasts semi-digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and hazard lamp.