Honda Everus Concept Previews Sporty New Electric SUV

Honda Everus Concept_

The body shape of Honda Everus concept is similar to HR-V but front design with unique LED headlamp and blue LED strip across grille gives a sporty look

Honda officially revealed Everus concept at the 2018 Beijing International Auto Show. The Everus concept is based on HR-V but the company has made lots of changes for the design to make it look different. The body shape of Everus concept is similar to HR-V but the front design with unique LED headlamp and blue LED strip across grille gives a sporty look for the concept.

The Japanese manufacturer hasn’t released details about Everus concept. The production model will be the first mass produced EV from Honda and it will be launched later this year in China. Honda is betting big on EV sharing as the company has invested in Reachstar which is a car sharing company in China and the latest EVs from Honda will be used for this purpose.

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Honda Everus Concept 1

China is the largest EV market in the world and manufacturers are developing EVs exclusive for this market. Honda is expected to introduce 20 new electric models by the end of 2025 and they are currently working on electrifying its current portfolio. Honda is not just looking at Chinese market as the company is planning to expand EV models to international markets also.

Honda revealed urban EV concept at Frankfurt Motor Show last year and the production model of urban EV concept is expected to hit the market by 2020. Last year, Honda introduced electric version of Clarity which was earlier available only with plug-in hybrid option. The Clarity is powered by 25.5 KwH battery which produces 161 hp of power and 300 Nm of torque.

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The Japanese manufacturer hasn’t revealed the official range yet but some reports confirm that Clarity could give 128 km of range. Honda is offering fast charging with Clarity but the company hasn’t given purchase option for buyers as they could lease the vehicle only just like fossil fuel variant of Clarity.

Even though globally Honda has lots of plans to introduce EV models, the company is yet to announce anything for Indian market. We currently have only Accord hybrid as a green option and it is priced on premium side because of CBU taxes. In the coming years, we can expect the Japanese manufacturer to reveal its EV plans for India.