Honda EV Concept with Artificial Intelligence Displayed at 2017 CES

Honda NevV EV Concept 2017 CES

Honda EV concept with artificial intelligence is dubbed as NeuV; will create new possibilities for human interaction and new value for customers

The Japanese automaker Honda has showcased its NeuV automated electric vehicle concept at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas under ‘Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem’ theme. The interesting fact about the futuristic electric car concept is that, it comes equipped with artificial intelligence.

Honda has claimed that the artificial intelligence technology in the NeuV will create new possibilities for human interaction and new value for the customers. It comes with unique in-car connectivity system and is claimed to help in reducing the traffic congestion as well. The artificial intelligence system in the car is called ‘emotion engine’, which is nothing but a set of technologies helping the machines to artificially generate their own emotions.

Honda NevV EV Concept 2017 CES 1

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Designed to run round the clock, the NeuV two-seater concept has been designed for the daily commuters. The smart car looks like a futuristic take on the N-Box minivan from Honda’s Kei car line. Moreover, when being idle this car can be used for automatic ride sharing while having the ability to sell back energy to the electric grid.

It incorporates the Honda Automated Network Assistant and plays songs automatically depending on driver’s mood. The Japanese company is exploring the possibilities of different mobility options other than manufacturing and selling cars. It plans to tie up with several startup companies across the world to offer more productive and unique mobility experience.

Honda NevV EV Concept 2017 CES 2

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The electric powertrain and driverless driving technology are two sectors, on which major automakers around the globe are working at present. Honda being one of the largest automakers in the world cannot stay behind either. It is also working on different alternate energy sources and self driving technology. The NeuV concept takes a new step in the brand’s futuristic approach toward the connected and automated mobility solutions.

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