Honda Elevate Vs Maruti Grand Vitara – Price Comparison


Check out this short comparison between the newly launched Honda Elevate and the popular Maruti Grand Vitara.

In the ever-expanding world of compact SUVs in India, two formidable contenders have emerged to vie for your attention: the Honda Elevate and the Maruti Grand Vitara. The former was launched just a while ago, and it has managed to garner a lot of attention online! Let’s dive into a short but insightful comparison to help you make an informed choice.

The battle often begins with the price tag, and here, the Honda Elevate takes the lead. Starting at just Rs 11 lakh (ex-showroom), it presents a highly competitive offering in the segment. In contrast, the Maruti Grand Vitara offers affordability with its entry-level pricing but introduces a strong hybrid option that comes at a premium of over Rs 2 lakh compared to the top-spec Elevate.

Both SUVs are powered by 1.5-litre petrol engines, but there’s a noticeable difference in output. The Elevate’s engine delivers a robust 121 bhp of max power and 145 Nm of peak torque. On the other hand, the Grand Vitara’s petrol engine generates slightly lower numbers, with 103 bhp and 137 Nm. The hybrid powertrain is a little more powerful, with a combined output of a combined 116 PS and 141 Nm.

honda elevate-11

Honda Elevate (Manual Variants) Maruti Grand Vitara (Manual Variants)
SV MT – Rs. 11 lakh Sigma MT – Rs. 10.70 lakh
V MT – Rs. 12.11 lakh Delta MT – Rs. 12.10 lakh
VX MT – Rs. 13.50 lakh Zeta MT – Rs. 13.91 lakh
ZX MT – Rs. 14.90 lakh Alpha MT – Rs. 15.41 lakh
Alpha AWD – Rs. 16.91 lakh
Delta CNG – Rs. 13.05 lakh
Zeta CNG – Rs. 14.86 lakh

While both models offer manual and automatic transmissions, the Elevate’s smooth CVT automatic option adds to its appeal. If you’re a fan of manual transmissions, the Elevate provides a 6-speed manual option, which is budget-friendly. The Grand Vitara, while offering a 5-speed manual gearbox, goes a step further by providing a 6-speed automatic transmission, providing more versatility.

maruti suzuki grand vitara-7

If you’re keen on an all-wheel-drive option for tackling diverse road conditions, the Grand Vitara Hyryder duo stands out as the only contender offering this feature. However, the AWD capability comes at a premium. For those inclined towards automatic transmissions, the Elevate is a standout choice. It offers an automatic variant that is not only affordable but also significantly undercuts its competitors in the compact SUV space.

Honda Elevate (Automatic Variants) Maruti Grand Vitara (Automatic Variants)
V CVT – Rs. 13.21 lakh Delta AT – Rs. 13.60 lakh
VX CVT – Rs. 14.60 lakh Zeta AT – Rs. 15.41 lakh
ZX CVT – Rs. 16 lakh Alpha AT – Rs. 16.91 lakh
Zeta Plus Hybrid CVT – Rs. 18.33 lakh
Alpha Plus Hybrid CVT – Rs. 19.83 lakh

While the Elevate impresses with its affordability and competitive pricing, it’s worth noting that it skips certain premium features found in the segment. Notably, there’s no panoramic sunroof, ventilated front seats, driver seat height adjustment, six airbags as standard, or a 360-degree camera. However, it does offer the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which is a safety feature typically available only in the top-end variants of models like the Kia Seltos and MG Astor.

Honda Elevate Interior

In summary, the Honda Elevate and Maruti Grand Vitara each bring their unique strengths to the table. The Elevate entices with its compelling pricing, impressive performance, and affordability in the automatic variant. On the other hand, the Grand Vitara offers AWD capability and a strong hybrid option, catering to specific preferences.