Honda e Is The Production Name Of Brand’s First Small Electric Hatchback

Honda e Prototype

Honda e will have driving range of more than 200 km and can be fast charged up to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes

Honda has finally revealed the production name of the Urban EV concept. Dubbed the Honda e, it marks the brand’s big step into the burgeoning small electric hatchback segment. The Japanese manufacturer is readying the e for debut in the European market and is the first of its kind from Honda.

It is also the first model from Honda to be underpinned by a dedicated EV architecture, which is modular and will be used in the upcoming zero-emission vehicles. At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Honda displayed the close-to-production variant of the Urban EV concept that was christened the e Prototype and it received plenty of attention.

What we can be sure about the Honda e is that it will be the electric motor mounted at the rear sending power to the rear wheels and it is a conventional five-door hatch aiming to offer the practicality of a small car along with giving the range advantage of an EV.

Honda e Prototype Rear

The Honda e is confirmed to have a driving range of more than 200 km while it can replenish to 80 per cent in just half an hour using a fast charger. Honda is planning to have 100 per cent of its sales in the Old Continent via electric powertrains by the middle of next decade under ‘Electric Vision’ and the e will play a significant role in it.

The EV has a cutesy exterior with round shaped headlights, charging port on the bonnet, round shaped taillights, blackened roof and a compact overall profile. The interior has the use of high-quality materials akin to the Scandinavian touches while there is a big double screen display in horizontal orientation.

Honda e Prototype Interior

Alongside, the traditional mirrors are ditched in favour of a camera system that displays inputs on either side of the dashboard for the ease of parking or monitoring. The minimalistic use of physical buttons and a walk-through flat floor are other main features in the Honda e.

Honda has also said that the e has received more than 22,000 expressions of interest across European countries already and is expecting to make a huge fortune out of the vehicle. It will be rolled out of the production plant in the later part of this year while the deliveries will likely begin early next year.