Honda December 2020 Discounts – Amaze, WR-V, City, Civic

Modified Honda Civic-3

Check out all the year-end discounts, deals, and offers on Honda cars in India, available during this December

Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) has managed to record healthy sales figures last month. i.e., November 2020. Now, with the year ending, the manufacturer is offering a lot of impressive deals and discounts on its vehicles, to clear the remaining vehicles and make space in the inventory for next year’s stock, as well as to attract new customers.

Here, we have listed all the deals and discounts being offered on Honda cars, ranging from the entry-level Amaze to the premium Civic.

Honda Amaze

Honda’s most affordable offering, the Amaze, is available with a cash discount of Rs. 15,000 along with an exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000 and a 5-year extended warranty (free additional warranty for 4th and 5th year). On the ‘Exclusive Edition’ model, the discount value is lower, at Rs. 12,000, but the exchange bonus is higher, at Rs. 15,000.

On the Amaze ‘Special Edition’, the discount is lower still, Rs. 7,000, and the exchange bonus is worth Rs. 15,000. However, customers have to choose between the two deals, as both offers cannot be availed at the same time. Existing Honda customers can also avail a loyalty bonus worth Rs. 6,000 and an additional exchange bonus Rs. 10,000, regardless of the variant.

2018 honda amaze-1

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz is the only hatchback in the Japanese carmaker’s lineup in India, and offers a lot of premium equipment (like sunroof), which makes it lucrative. There is a cash discount of Rs. 25,000 available on it, along with an exchange bonus worth Rs. 15,000. Apart from that, a loyalty bonus and additional exchange bonus, worth Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 10,000, respectively, is available here.

Honda WR-V

On the WR-V, Honda is offering an attractive cash discount of Rs. 25,000, and an exchange bonus of Rs. 15,000. On the ‘Exclusive Edition’ variant, however, the cash discount is lower, at Rs. 10,000, although the value of the exchange bonus remains the same, at Rs. 15,000. The loyalty bonus (Rs. 6,000) and additional exchange bonus (Rs. 10,000) for existing Honda customers are available here as well, on all the variants.

Honda City

Honda is not offering any discounts on the new (fifth generation) model of the Honda City, although an exchange bonus of Rs. 30,000 is available on it. The older (fourth generation) model, which also sells alongside it, doesn’t have any deals available, although it is available at a much lower price. Current Honda owners can avail a loyalty bonus of Rs. 6,000 and an additional exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000 on all models.

Honda Year-End Discounts – December 2020
Model Cash Discount Additional Benefits (Exchange Bonus)
Honda Amaze Rs. 15,000 Rs. 10,000 (+ extended 5-yr warranty worth Rs. 12,000)
Honda Amaze Exclusive Edition Rs. 12,000 Rs. 15,000
Honda Amaze Special Edition Rs. 7,000 Rs. 15,000 (cannot be availed alongside cash discount)
Honda Jazz Rs. 25,000 Rs. 15,000
Honda WR-V Rs. 25,000 Rs. 15,000
Honda WR-V Exclusive Edition Rs. 10,000 Rs. 15,000
Honda City (5th Gen) Rs. 30,000
Honda Civic Rs. 1 lakh (Petrol)/Rs. 2.05 lakh (diesel)

*Additional benefits for existing Honda Customers – Loyalty Bonus: Rs. 6,000 and Additional Exchange Bonus: Rs. 10,000

Honda Civic

Modified Honda Civic

On the Honda Civic, the manufacturer is offering a massive cash discount of Rs. 1 lakh, but only on the petrol variants. On the diesel models, the cash discount is even higher, at Rs. 2.5 lakh! Loyalty and additional exchange bonus worth Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 10,000, respectively, are available for existing Honda customers.