Honda CB200X VS Hornet 2.0 – Key Differences Explained


How different are the Honda’s 200cc offerings – CB200X and Hornet 2.0? Here’s a comparison that tells you all

Component sharing is a common exercise in the automotive industry. Motorcycle brands have been using parts of one bike on another. However, Honda has now launched the CB200X, which shares a lot with the brand’s other offering – Hornet 2.0. The latter is a naked streetfighter, while the former dons an ADV stance.

Well, it isn’t the only difference between the two. There are more to talk of. Yes! The brand has used the same engine and the frame as the Hornet 2.0 on the CB200X, but both motorcycles manage to have enough distinctions to stand out in the crowd. To find out the differences, take a read of this piece.


Starting with the Hornet 2.0, the naked motorcycle stays true to the legacy of street fighters. It dons a sharp design with a mass-forward appeal. The tank features big shrouds. They do lend it with some road presence. Furthermore, the gold-finished USD forks look meaty. From sideways, the silhouette is good enough to catch your attention. The CB200X is available in a total of 3 colour options, namely Pearl Nightstar Black, Matte Salene Silver Metallic, and Sports Red.Honda Hornet 2.0-8

Talking of the Hornet 2.0, the naked streetfighter stays true to the basics. A mass-forward appeal accentuates its silhouette, and you also get a beefy tank. The front forks are finished in the gold shade and are an upside-down unit. They make the motorcycle look beefier than it is. The belly pan also adds to the charm, and the split seat makes the tail look appealing. Overall, both motorcycles are well-designed according to their respective body styles.Honda Cb200X-8


The CB200X isn’t short of features. A negative backlit LCD makes for the instrument console. It offers the rider a host of information. The brightness can be adjusted by 5 levels here. Moving on, Honda has fixed a set of handguards on the CB200X. They come with integrated turn indicators as well. A tall windscreen is also available here. Other highlights include upside-down forks, ABS, split seats and more.Honda Hornet 2.0-6On the Hornet, the feature list remains nearly similar too. The naked streetfighter comes with a negative LCD for the instrument cluster. It shows readouts for battery voltage and can even be adjusted for brightness levels. Nevertheless, it misses out on handguards with integrated turn signals. The LED headlamp is available on the Hornet 2.0, and so is the case with the gold-painted upside-down forks. In times like these, where manufacturers are offering phone chargers and Bluetooth connectivity as a standard affair, these Honda motorcycles miss out on both.


Powering the CB200X is a 184.44 cc single, producing 17.3 Hp and 16.1 Nm. The air-cooled unit comes paired to a 5-speed gearbox only. It uses a sealed chain, which Honda claims require low maintenance. As mentioned above, the suspension setup is borrowed from Hornet 2.0 itself. Of course, the suspension travel remains identical as well. Riding on a set of 17-inch rims, the CB200X uses block pattern tyres for some added grip on the loose surface. Moreover, the ground clearance remains the same at 167 mm.Honda Cb200X-7


Model Engine Power Torque Gearbox Wheels
Honda CB200X 184.4cc 17 Bhp 16.1 Nm 5-speed 17-inch
Honda Hornet 2.0 184.4cc 17 Bhp 16.1 Nm 5-speed 17-inch

Honda Hornet Repsol side profileSince the Hornet 2.0 shares a lot with its ADV sibling, there are hardly any differences to talk of on this front. The engine is the same 184.4cc motor spitting out exactly similar numbers. However, the only noticeable change here is the road-biased tyres. Yes! They perform better on the tarmac with improved lean angles.


Honda Cb200X-6The newly-launched Honda CB200X is sold at an ex-showroom price tag of Rs. 1.44 lakh, whereas the Hornet 2.0 is priced at Rs. 1.31 lakh, ex-showroom. The latter comes up as the cheaper one of the two. If ADV-typical styling is not your primary requirement, you can do as much on the Hornet 2.0 as you will be able to do on the CB200X.