Honda CB Hornet 160R First Ride Review

Honda CB Hornet 160r First Ride Review-2

Honda CB Hornet 160R First Ride Review shows that Honda is all set to challenge the Pulsar, Apache and Gixxer with Confidence

This is it, just like luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, even Honda two wheelers said they will be launching 15 new products in the year 2015. CB Hornet 160R is that one last product from the company which has been just launched in the holiday capital of the country Goa.

We just gave you specifications and launch report and told you there is a first ride coming in and this is it. We’ve had a short spin on the motorcycle and then we embark off to a 650 km journey back home to give you a road test. Let’s find out how it fares.

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Styling wise, the motorcycle does look very sporty and unique at the same time. Chunky tank, extended fairing, multispoke alloy wheels, chunky and boxy exhaust along with petal disc and tall profile makes sure this is a Honda, but the first sporty model from the company till date. Hence it ended up grabbing a lot of attention on the roads.

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Switchgear and instrument cluster are the same as the Unicorn and any other Honda from the stable which is disappointing and helps Honda keeps the cost down hence provides more value to the customer.

Honda CB Hornet 160R seat

Comfort levels seem good, but the rider seat is quite thin and once we do a full road test we can comment more on that. Flat pillion seat and split grab rails are here to make sure pillion has a comfortable ride.

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The highlight of the motorcycle is the sporty riding position thanks to rear set footpegs raised and wide handlebar. A sporty riding position has been demanded from Honda since the days of Dazzler and it has finally come through after years. It also feels every bit worth the wait as it great for corner carving and yet being comfortable.

Honda CB Hornet 160R First Ride Review

Engine wise, it has the same engines as the Unicorn 160 but albeit there are some changes to it. Power is being made at the top of the power band than the CB Unicorn 160. Tonnes of low and mid range torque and thanks to a short overdrive gear, the engine maxes out quickly you can see 110 km/hr on the speedo quite easily. Acceleration of the line is brisk enough too.
Honda CB Hornet Launched

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We expect the bike to do the 0-100 km/hr dash around 15 seconds. HET 163cc Honda engine is high on refinement and soundtrack from the new exhaust is more pronounced and slightly sporty too.
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Handling wise, the bike is nimble and agile despite a substantial amount of wheelbase over rivals and Unicorn 160. Honda CB Hornet 160R should go around corners very well indeed. Ride quality is on the stiffer side but it isn’t harsh or bone breaking. Fat forks at the front are new and do the job very well indeed.

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Sporty riding position helps the bike and enthusiastic rider now use more ponies in the corners as well unlike the Unicorn and other bikes which helped more in a straight line than corners. Braking is really good and petal disc are offering bite and feedback as intended.

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A quick sum up of the Honda CB Hornet 160R first ride review is that its a great comfortable motorcycle with Honda’s first attempt at sporty riding motorcycle is pretty much spot on. We will road test it soon and give more details on the bike as soon as we can, then a real life comparison will help us take the right decision on the Hornet as the competition is intense because its direct rivals just can’t wait for couple of rounds of knock out fighting!

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