Honda Avancier 2.0L Turbo Makes 268 hp and 370 Nm

Honda Avancier SUV 2

Honda Avancier 2.0L Turbo will be positioned above the CR-V and is to be sold exclusively in China from the final quarter of 2016

Guangqi Honda unveiled the all-new Avancier flagship SUV in China recently and during the time of the launch little details of the model have emerged except that it will be propelled by a new engine made for China – the 2.0-litre VTEC Earth Dreams Tech motor with “Sport Turbo”.

Taking design influences from the Honda Concept D, the Avancier will be exclusive for the Chinese market and is scheduled to go on sale in the final quarter of 2016. It will also make appearance at the Macau Auto Show and Hong Kong Auto Show, to be held in November and December respectively.

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Honda Avancier SUV 1

As a few months went by since the launch, the Chinese media outlets had gone in deep to know more about the big SUV and they came out with the power and torque outputs of the 2.0-litre engine. It is reported to generate a maximum power of 268 hp and 370 Nm of peak torque.

When compared to the sporty executive Civic sedan sold in China, it’s miles ahead as the 1.5-litre VTEC turbocharged engine develops 174 hp and 220 Nm only (94 hp and 150 Nm lesser than the Avancier) taking advantage of advanced engine technologies and the larger capacity. Driving all the four wheels is through the nine-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters.

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Honda Avancier SUV

Among the driving modes, the most highlighting aspect is the Sport Hybrid but no information has surfaced yet. However, the already known details of the Avancier are as follows: 1. The Avancier will be slotted above the CR-V and therefore the main competitors will be the seven-seaters Ford Edge and Toyota Highlander and 2. It features a wheelbase of 2,820 mm.

Honda Avancier SUV 3

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The five-seater, top-of-the-range model comes equipped with black leather with dark wood cabin trim, panoramic glass roof, LED headlamps with DRLs, touchscreen infotainment system, push-button gear selection, three zone climate control, ventilated and heated seats, speakers mounted above rear seats, powered driver seat and controlling provision in the armrest located at the rear centre.