Honda Activa EV To Be Followed By 9 More Electric 2W In India


Honda is developing ten new EVs two-wheelers for India with Activa Electric launch to be planned in 2024; also expected to launch swappable batteries

Honda intends to introduce ten electric vehicles in the Indian market, according to a report. The Japanese company is expected to announce its EV strategy on March 29, 2023 after which we will know more about their EV aggression for the Indian market. Honda is planning to offer numerous powertrains, speed categories, and body styles in the EV segment. Also the company is looking to provide both options for batteries – fixed and swappable versions..

The EV plan has been established following a thorough analysis for over two years.The work on two projects with the codenames GJNA and K4BA has already begun. At present we know two EV 2-wheeler models, the Activa Electric and the Moped, are in progress.The Activa Electric will have a permanent battery design, while the other, the Moped, will have an interchangeable battery.

The Activa electric, which will be on sale in the first part of the following year, is most likely to be the first two wheeler EV of Honda. On the other hand, Moped will be launched in the later part of 2024. It is expected that both of these models have a potential sales of half a million units over a three-year duration.

Honda Electric Two Wheeler Leaked Activa EV 1

Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited (HEID) has already built a base in Bengaluru to offer swappable battery alternatives. At present the three-wheeler E-rickshaw market is offering the battery swappable option in India. The battery swapping service was started by Honda in November 2021 to support electric auto rickshaws. In Bangalore, HEID had began with a network of 70 swapping stations, which would be further extended to other cities. Eventually, Honda Motorcycles EV business will benefit from the growth of its internal Power pack business.

Honda EV Strategy and Competition

Honda U-GO Front 3 Quarters

Honda Motorcycle may be the first Japanese two-wheeler brand to enter the EV industry in 2024, which is seeing significant adoption. Honda has outlined its roadmap based on projections that the penetration of EVs will be between 15-25 percent by the end of the decade. The market share of electric vehicles for two-wheelers has already surpassed 5-7 percent, driven by newly formed startups like Ola and Ather as well as more established brands like Hero Electric.

In this developing mobility era, established players like Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor have also made good progress in the EV segment and will give good competition to Honda!