Honda Activa 125 H-Smart Details Leaked, Launch Soon

2023 Honda Activa 125 H-Smart 1

Honda Activa 125 H-Smart will get a new Smart Key enabling features such as Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Start and Smart Safe

A couple of months ago, Honda introduced the H-Smart version of the regular Activa and it looks like the technology will be expanded to the 125 cc variant as well. On the back of speculations that the Honda Activa would get more features, information surrounding what could be dubbed the Activa 125 H-Smart has come up on the internet.

The official Honda website already advertises the new variant calling it ‘Smartiva’. The key update will undoubtedly be the availability of a new Smart Key enabling features such as Smart Find, Smart Unlock, Smart Start and Smart Safe. The answer back system in the smart key assists in easily locating the vehicle and when the answer back button is pressed, all four turn signals will blink.

The smart key also helps in locking and unlocking the vehicle without using a physical key. In case the system detects no activity for 20 seconds after activation, the scooter automatically gets deactivated. If the smart key is within the range of 2 meters of the scooter, the rider can smoothly start by rotating the knob on the Loc Mod to ignition position and pushing the start button without taking out the key.

2023 Honda Activa 125 H-Smart

The Mapped Smart ECU acts as a security device by electronically matching (ID) between the ECU and smart key, therefore preventing vehicle theft. The smart key has an immobilizer system preventing a non-registered key from starting the engine and without a secure connection with the smart key, the immobilizer system is not activated.

The design of the 2023 Honda Activa 125 H-Smart will remain identical as the single-piece seat and grab handle, chrome trim between the turn indicators mounted on the front apron, a short black flyscreen, LED headlamp, side stand engine cut-off function, an upright handlebar, semi-digital instrument cluster with real-time mileage, average mileage and distance to empty, the signature side bodywork, black alloy wheels and rearview mirrors, etc will be carried over.

As for the performance, the 124 cc air-cooled engine will be updated to meet OBD2 regulations and it will produce around 8.18 bhp and 10.3 Nm of peak torque. Expect the Honda Activa 125 H-Smart variant to be expensive by Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 4,000 compared to the regular range-topping disc brake variant.