HMSI’s Expelled Workers Protest in an Unique Manner

HMSI’s expelled workers protest by wearing T-Shirt saying ‘Honda ke berozgar’, ‘Rajasthan Sarkar Hosh mein aao Honda mazdoor ko insaaf dilao’

Expelled workers from Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India’s Tapukara, Rajasthan plant are taking an unique way to demonstrate their protest. It seems, they are keeping faith on god to get justice and the job back. The expelled workers have taken a way which is a blend of devotion and protest. They are demonstrating their protest against HMSI by taking Kanwar yatra.

Kanwar yatra is a ritual across India, through which devotees offer water of river Ganges to the lord Shiva. The expelled workers from HMSI have been wearing the T-Shirts which read two messages. One is “Honda ke berozgar”, while the other one reads “Rajasthan Sarkar Hosh mein aao Honda mazdoor ko insaaf dilao”.


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Also the demonstrators are distributing pamphlets. The workers have crossed three states in their Kanwar yatra. As it has been reported, the workers were stopped by police in Rajasthan after crossing Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Talking about their protest, Naresh Kumar, the President of Honda Motorcycle 2F Karmachari Union was saying, how they have been struggling for last couple of months.

At the Tapukara plant protest began on 16th February. Since then it has been five months, these workers have been expelled citing the reason of unlawful activities. In the wake of the incident at the plant several workers were arrested. Later some of them were released, but 44 workers remained under custody with charges like attempt to murder, rioting etc. Later Rajasthan High Court granted bail for 39 of them.

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In the aftermath the protesters who were expelled marched to HMSI’s corporate office in Gurgaon. Also on 19th February protesters were gathered at the Tau Devilal Stadium in Gurgaon to demonstrate their protest against the police violence. In June Tapukara plant reinstated a total of 256 workers, who were suspended during the agitation. But some of the expelled workers are yet to be reinstated. Now they have taken this unique Kanwar yatra protest strategy to voice their anger.

Source: ET Auto