Hill Climb Test: Fortuner Vs Endeavour Vs V-Cross Vs Scorpio

Hill Climb Test- Fortuner Vs Endeavour Vs V-Cross Vs Scorpio

Most of the new generation SUVs come with lots of off-road technologies but each needs a skillful driver to get it out of tough conditions

SUV is a most popular body style in India thanks to the commanding driving position. Most people don’t even take these vehicles to off-roads as it can make some damages and service cost will be really high. But this trend is slowly changing as more people are interested in exploring off-road trails.

Slush fest and off-road events are getting more popular among Indians now and some manufacturers are also spending money to make them more attractive. We came across this video on Youtube, which shows a Desert Hill Climb challenge conducted by a bunch of friends. The vehicles participating are Toyota Fortuner (both 1st and 2nd generation), New Ford Endeavour, Isuzu V-Cross and old Mahindra Scorpio.

The first vehicle to take the hill climb is Isuzu V-Cross and even after multiple attempts the vehicle failed. The V-Cross is one of the best off-roading vehicles in the country but still, it needs a good driver and he was not taking a straight line, which slowed the vehicle considerably once it nears the cliff and loses momentum.

Then the next vehicle is first generation Fortuner, which looks stock and the front bumper has been removed to improve approach angle. After multiple attempts, the driver finally took the Fortuner to top and he took a straight line to conquer the course. After the Fortuner, the V-Cross again took the course, this time he followed a straight line and completed the challenge.

The second generation Ford Endeavour was the next participant and it took the SUV few attempts to finish the hill climb. One of the problems For Endeavour was the front bumper hits the steep incline during approach, which hampers momentum but still, the skill full driver managed to get over it, which proves that driving skill is also important.

The new Fortuner in the hill climb had a modified front bumper and even after multiple attempts, the SUV couldn’t find success as front bumper was hitting the incline very hard. This modified Fortuner also has the same problem as Endeavour and even though it has a four-wheel drive system along with a punchy engine, it is not good enough to take it to the top.

We think that if the Fortuner had a regular bumper, it might have easily completed the hill climb. The next participant is an old Scorpio and it was not able to complete the hill climb as it didn’t have enough momentum to take it to the top. The last car to attempt the course was again a new Endeavour but it too failed as the driver too cautious.