High Performance Jeep All-Terrain e-Bike Launched At $5,899

Jeep All-Terain E-Bike

The price tag of $5,899 puts the Jeep e-bike amongst the premium offerings from other manufacturers including Specialized and Trek

Jeep has launched a new electric bike, which it first teased in its ‘Groundhog Day’ advertisement at this year’s Super Bowl. As of March 1, Jeep has starting taking bookings for the all-terrain e-bike, with prices starting from $5,899, which currently converts to a whopping Rs 4.30 lakh (approx) in Indian currency.

Jeep has partnered with Colorado-based electric mountain bike company QuietKat to manufacture the said bike, which has been equipped with a 750 W motor, 4.8-inch fat tyres, and Fire-Link suspension system, along with a 10-speed drivetrain which will be very useful while climbing hills.

The Jeep e-Bike will be made available in two sizes i.e. 17-inch (Medium) and 19-inch (Large). As Jeep puts it, “low stand-over heights and progressive geometry make it easy to climb, descend and manage the back country terrain.” It will come equipped with a inverted fork suspension setup at the front with 150 mm of travel, along with 120 mm of rear-wheel suspension travel for better traction even in the most rugged terrains.

Jeep All-Terain E-Bike-3

It’s listed as a Class 2 e-bike, meaning it can reach up to the speeds of 20 mph or 32 kmph. Also, the e-bike has a total range of about 40 miles (64 kmph). However, hold your horses as Jeep won’t start shipping the e-bike before June 2020. The price tag of $5,899 puts the Jeep e-bike among other premium offerings from manufacturers like Trek and Specialized.

On the other hand, we recently also reported about FCA’s plans of developing mass market EVs, which could also be brought to the Indian market. FCA currently only retails operates the Jeep brand in India, and with a market share of about 0.3%, the Italian-American manufacturer is the smallest carmaker in the country.

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Hence, Jeep is planning to bring a new portfolio of products to the Indian market, and some of them will also be brought through the CBU (Completely Built Unit) route. Jeep is yet to launch a fully-electric vehicle, even for the global markets. But when it does, the EV could make its way to the Indian market as well.