Hero Splendor Regains No.1 Position in November From Honda Activa

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The Splendor is the highest selling motorcycle in the world and regained its top position in the market by selling 2.25 lakh units last month

The Hero MotoCorp Splendor is one of the highest selling two-wheelers in the world. However, earlier this year, the gearless scooter Honda Activa gained a lot of popularity and started outselling the Hero Splendor. The Activa stayed ahead in the sales chart for good three months before the Hero Splendor took back the position in September.

Now this is the third month where Hero has sold more units of the Splendor than the Activa in the Indian market. Hero has sold as many as 2,25,536 units of the Splendor in the month of November while the Honda followed Hero closely and sold 2,18,212 units of the Activa in the same period of time. The ease of riding the scooter makes it quite popular in the market.

Hero MotoCorp’s products occupied the top three positions in the motorcycle segment. With the Splendor on top, Hero sold 1,68,839 units of the HF Deluxe and 74,396 units of the Hero Passion. While the scooter sales chart is ruled by Honda Activa, TVS comes a distant second with 69,391 units of Jupiter sold in the month of November and Suzuki third with 42,334 units sold of the Access.

It should be noted that there are many variants of the Splendor available in the Indian market. There are five variants of Splendor including the Super Splendor, Splendor iSmart, Splendor 110 and more. Honda offers three variants of Activa in the form of Activa, Activa-i and Activa 125.

The high fuel efficiency of the Hero Splendor makes it much more popular in the market. Most of the sales of the Splendor come from the Tier II and Tier III markets where the fuel efficiency is paramount. The Splendor is also very rugged and can carry a lot of weight on it, which is another reason for its popularity. Also, the ease of getting the motorcycle repaired by the roadside mechanics.