Hero Splendor Pro Classic Long Term Review

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Hero Splendor Pro Classic kept us smiling when it stood in our garage and when we rode it

Hero’s bread and butter model, the splendor has seen numerous forms and shapes over the past which haven’t pleased much till date. 125, 100cc with different styling and configurations have come over the past, but nothing like this, the Splendor Pro Classic. Showcased at the Auto Expo 2014, the Pro Classic drew more crowds than a super bike at the stalls. Hero Splendor Pro Classic came in red color and gained massive attention from press, public and enthusiast who couldn’t stop drooling over it.

Ever since we have been trying to get our hands on it and after road testing it, we decided to spend more time with the bike. So this is essentially one of the longest road test we ever did with a bike and since it stayed with us for a really long time and we noticed quite a few facts after clocking 850 kilometers (the best we could do in a relatively short period of time than usual and low capacity bike means it limits the long distance capability), here is our long-term report of the Hero Splendor Pro Classic.

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Styling wise as we all know it is a fantastic looking little machine from Hero. Round headlights, tail-light, mirrors and indicators along extra dose of chrome make it look like a retro cafe racer for sure.

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Single seat cowl with well made seats and detailing on it make the bike stand apart from other commuters instantly. Molded handlebars look like clip ons and add to the cafe racer appeal. Fit-finish levels are good as always but there was rattling which we weren’t able to sort out below the dials.

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Hero Splendor Pro Classic sits very low and the riding position is slightly dedicated. Tall people will find it impossible to ride this for even 5 minutes, meanwhile shorter rider will be completely at ease with it. Meters also have the retro effect with chrome surrounds and right choice of fonts along with basic shift lights as usual.

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The first thing you notice about the engine is that it immediately feels more punchier than before and as always its smooth and refined with good low and mid range torque. We even saw 95 km/hr on the speedo despite my heavy weight. Reason? The bike sits way to low and kerb weight is too on the lighter side. Along with more power and torque from the engine also helps the bike propel ahead. Hero Splendor Pro Classic delivers good mileage at 55 km/l in our overall testing which includes left lane hogging city traffic and left lane top speeds runs on the highway.

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What do you expect the riders to do with 97.2cc engine, take it in the right lane and try clocking 150 km/hr? Jokes apart, the motor as we know is an accomplished unit since two decades and continues to soldier on. Extra punch is more than welcome and we think with saner riding technique and well-kept motorcycle can deliver easily around 62-64 km/l.

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Speaking of mileage, the Hero Splendor Pro Classic also has twin gas caps, one of which is locked on the outside and other one needs to be opened up while refueling. So anything that we didn’t like? Well, the exhaust could have been different and along with the very tiny rear tyre the rear end styling isn’t something to drool over, but its striking enough to attract attention, but not beautiful like the front or rear.

What we like are the dynamics of this bike, it changes direction effortlessly, the lower center of gravity along with dedication riding position actually and surprisingly gives way more feedback than expected from a commuter. Tyres are premium ones from MRF and not Ceat or any other manufacturer see on other bikes from various other manufacturers. Those tyres help in good ride quality, grip around corners is very confidence inspiring and till the moment where you reach the limit and start scraping pegs.

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It wasn’t easy a sight to see the bike go away from our garage as it holds a special place because it was our first long term motorcycle. However, you have to let things love go and wait for it to come back if it truly loves you. The smart ones of you must have guessed it by know that we could consider to buy one as we are madly in love with this motorcycle.

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Meanwhile, something even smoother and powerful has made it to the garage, so we aren’t exactly complaining. We will always remember the bike, which did its long term tenure with just three full tank of fuel. Truly then, the name given to it is right, it’s a PRO at what it does and it’s a CLASSIC because that’s what it has always done!

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hero-splendor-pro-classic-long-term-review-451104Hero Splendor Pro Classic kept us smiling when it stood in our garage and when we rode it Hero's bread and butter model, the splendor has seen numerous forms and shapes over the past which haven't pleased much till date. 125, 100cc with different styling...