Hero Splendor Digitally Reimagined As An EV – Up To 240 Km Range

Hero Splendor Plus EV digitally imagined img1

Digital artist Vinay Raj Somashekar recently shared on social media a digitally crafted electric version of Hero Splendor (Splendor EV)

The future of the automobile industry is electric, and an EV revolution is set to happen in India soon. Plenty of EV startups popping up all over the country, and even mainstream manufacturers are planning to add electric vehicles to their lineup. Hero MotoCorp is planning to set up a new brand, named ‘Vida’, for its upcoming EVs.

Hero Splendor is the best-selling two-wheeler in the Indian market of all time, and it continues to be the top seller even now. The Splendor range has expanded with new models and there have been a few changes over the years. Now, could Hero MotoCorp be developing an electric version of Splendor?

Well, it certainly seems like a possibility, considering the aggressive push for electric mobility in India. It is worth noting that companies like GoGoA1 are already building EV conversion kits for Hero Splendor Plus. Artist Vinay Raj Somashekar recently shared his digital imagining of a Hero Splendor-based EV, which looks ready to be picked up and put into production!

Hero Splendor Plus EV digitally imagined img2

The digital model has the same overall design as the regular Hero Splendor Plus (IC engine model). The tubular dual-cradle chassis has been modified a little to accommodate the electric powertrain, and the fuel tank has been changed into housing for charger circuit, master controller, and the other auxiliary electronics.

The motor controller has been placed in the side box, with the motor is mounted just below it, connected to the rear wheel via a covered belt drive. The motorcycle gets EV-specific branding, along with blue highlights on the headlamp cowl, tail panels, and wheel rims. The artist has imagined the electric motorcycle in four variants – standard, Utility+, Range+, and Range Max.

Hero Splendor Plus EV digitally imagined img3

The standard model has been imagined with a 4 kWh battery and a small storage space above the battery pack, with a range of around 120 km on a full charge. The Utility+ model is the same as the standard model, but with some additional storage space.

The Range+ variant is the same as the standard model, but with a larger 6 kWh battery pack offering a 180 km range. As for the Range Max variant, it gets an even larger 8 kWh battery, which offers a 240 km range, but with no storage space.