Hero Glamour becomes Best-Selling 125cc Bike; Surpasses Honda

Hero MotoCorp planning to sell a million Glamours by the end of financial year 2018


Hero MotorCorp’s Glamour has become the best selling 125 cc motorcycle in last three months of 2016, which led the company to the top spot by ousting the Honda Motorcycle in the segment. Before that Honda CB Shine was the best selling motorcycle in the highly contested 125 cc segment. Hero MotoCorp sold a total of 109955 units of motorcycles in the 125 cc segment in April, 2016. These motorcycles include models like Glamour, Super Splendor and Ignitor. In April, 2015 Hero MotoCorp sold a total of 82298 units of 125 cc motorcycles. So far, the sales in the segment for Hero MotoCorp has been increased by 33%.

Before April, 2016 Honda was at the top spot in the 125 cc segment. In April, 2015 the company sold 74532 units of 125 cc models which comprise CB Shine, CB Shine SP and CBF Stunner. The CB Shine was the best selling model in the4 segment. But one year later in April, 2016 the sales figure has dropped to 66700 units, which marked a 10.5% fall.

Honda CB Shine has been outshined by the Hero Glamour

In April, 2016 the Honda CB Shine lost the top spot to the Hero Glamour. The CB Shine sold 52752 units in the time period compare to 73291 units in April, 2015; while the Hero Glamour sold 66756 units in the same time compare to 51829 units. In the financial year 2016 Hero Glamour sold a total of 679147 units compare to 551486 units in financial year 2015, which marked 23% growth. Now the Hero MotoCorp is planning to sell a million Glamours in the 125 cc segment by the end of 2018 financial year, the company has not revealed anything officially although.

According to SIAM in last financial year the 125 cc has seen a steady growth, while the below 110 cc segment and 150 cc segment has seen a decline. SIAM reveals, in financial year 2016 a total of 1790896 units were sold in the 110 cc – 125 cc segment compared to 1623670 units in 2015 financial year. So far, the segment has seen a 10% growth in one year.

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