Scoop- Hero Motocorp to Launch 10 More Products this Fiscal, Detailed Report

Hero Motocorp to Launch 10 More Products

Hero Motocorp to launch 10 More products in 2015-16, mostly new, Listed exclusively here with spy pictures

We all thought Honda can announce and deliver 15 products this year? Something that Hero did last year! Hero is silently going to launch almost 10 products or even more before March 2016. The focus is on scooters this time and that is happening real soon as we know the position of Duet and Maestro. The list below says the product that are on their way and in last stage of development. Some of them announced officially. Hero MotoCorp already launched Xtreme Sports and Passion Pro 2015 this year.

1.Hero Duet 110cc

Hero Duet 110cc front view

Spy pictures are here and we know it’s a good-looking scooter with Hero’s new engine, which is going to be a cracker of a unit because it will be made by AVL as its bare basic is seen on Mahindra Gusto. A bombshell awaiting from Hero to capture market. You first seen spyshots of this scooter on Hero Duet launch expected in September this year.

2.Hero Maestro Edge

hero marstro edge front

Spy photos for these are also out and its a very muscular scooter which gets Hero’s new engine along with telescopic suspension and brawny styling and braking system will make it a killer scooter and finally we see a proper Activa beater with same mileage and reliability. Its launch expected with Duet launch that is scheduled for September this year.

3. 2016 Hero Hunk facelift

2016 Hero Hunk spy pictures

Again, we have spy pictures for you and they show that it will give new elements here and there such as new cluster, better suspension and the main, 15 BHP engine from the Extreme Sports. Should do so damage but superior products clearly beat it on paper itself. Hunk facelift launch expected very soon, most likely by October this year

4. 2016 Hero Achiever facelift

If the Hero achievers gets a proper styling makeover like the Unicorn 160, then it can succeed. The Achiever has been a dud in the industry here in India but has done extremely well export is what Hero tells. Let’s see what the Achiever can achieve. It’s launch expected in November this year.

5. 2016 Hero Splendor Pro facelift


High on cosmetic changes all around the Pro facelift is on its way and should deliver more value to the customers, and the Splendor brand name will sell again even more. We expect the bike to be more powerful and more efficient to keep the sales going. It will get the biggest cosmetic changes since it was launched in India in 1994.

6. 2016 Hero Super Splendor facelift

Disc variant as an option, heavy cosmetic changes all around and making engine more efficient and powerful are things expected from the Super Splendor and this too is coming this year for sure. Its launch is likely follow the Achiever’s launch. It is been in India from 10 years, it will follow the design language of Splendor Pro facelift.

7. 2016 Hero HF Deluxe facelift

The Hero HF Deluxe is an entry-level commuter for Hero buyers and should sell well post facelift as it set to get get minor cosmetically changes that likely limmited to graphics and Speedometer.

8. Hero low-cost 100 bike

hero low cost bike

If Yamaha, a brand who has no history in commuter motorcycles can plan it why can’t Hero? Who has expertise in this field. A low cost 100cc that will cost less than 35k ex-showroom is on its way and should be the Nano for the rural market and take away share from TVS XL HD. It is the most tested motorcycle from the World no.1 Motorcycle manufaturer. First prototype hits road in 2011 and still on test run, but as per sources, it is now ready to roll out.

9. Hero Hx 250R

Hero HX 250R

After much delay it seems it’s almost here as EBR and Hero deal is done yet again. Still there is a lot of wait for this quarter-litre motorcycle which will be the most powerful bike in this displacement category. Likely to launch around Auto Expo 2016.

10. Hero Duet 125cc

hero duet side

We know this. Duet is the one coming with 125cc, but at the latter has been confirmed as 110cc. As per sources, 125cc version of Duet will be launched before March 2016 and will have Hero’s own 125cc engine. It should be great to look and ride considering Duet design is one of the best in the entire segment. We Already spotted Duet on test at 105Km/h that likely powered by 125cc engine.

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