Hero Duet E Is the next thing in Indian Urban Mobility Scenario!

Hero Duet E

2016 Hero Duet E has more performance than a 150cc scooter and yet has no emission, no fuel bills and just requires a charge at your nearest socket

We have always been blow away by concepts that are in motorcycle form. big engines, superior chassis, equipment and much more. However, Hero has also done it, this time it has come with a scooter that is drool worthy in almost every aspect. The Hero Duet E is a electric scooter that comes with a powerful electric BLDC motor that makes 5 KW which means, that it has just 6.8 PS of power. Hold on though, the main aspect is that the torque electric motors create and this one, in the Duet E creates 14 Nm of torque, which is, as much as 150cc motorcycle.

Hero Duet E-3

All through the rear wheels without any gear box and electric motor are known to deliver it instantly means performance should be superb! Hero claims a 6.5 second time for 0-60 km/hr which is quite impressive for this scooter. Already, scooters are hard to catch for drivers and riders who ride normal motorcycles and cars when it comes to 0-40 and 0-60 km/hr flat out acceleration, this will make things even tougher for them and enjoyable for the scooter rider.

All of this comes from a long lasting, light and powerful lithium battery. The scooter comes with an plug-in charger, anti-theft alarm, bike finder and other features. The batteries can last upto 65 kilometers. Everything else remains the same for the scooter except for the gas emitting exhaust. Same styling, hardware, drum brakes and same speedometer.

Hero Duet E-2

We should expect this scooter to come, but then again if we look at the practical side of things this will only come if the market demand is strong and Hero can make it a fuss free product like other stable mates

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