Here Is How You Get The MG Comet EV For Free – Detailed Video


MG Comet EV boasts a range of 230 km on a single charge and is loaded with premium technologies and features

MG Motor India introduced the tiny pocket rocket, the Comet EV, in the domestic market in April 2023 and it has been well received by customers due to its easy-to-use nature as it can be manoeuvred through traffic with ease while parking is equally a breeze. The urban runaround is currently the smallest passenger car available in India and it has a claimed range of 230 km on a single charge.

The Indian auto market is slowly transitioning towards electrification and plenty of activities will be seen in this space over the next three to four years and the EV sales have been nothing short of encouraging in recent years. The MG Comet EV sits on the GSEV (Global Small Electric Vehicle) skateboard platform and has a turning radius of 4.2 metres.

The four-seater measures an overall length of 2,874 mm, a width of 1,505 mm and a height of 1,631 mm with a wheelbase length of 2,010 mm. Its rear seats can be folded and for enhanced practicality, the rear seats can be accessed via a one-touch function. The devoid of a centre console makes it easy for the driver to switch to the front co-passenger seat.

It is equipped with a 17.3 kWh battery pack and a front-axle mounted electric motor producing 42 PS and 110 Nm. The electric car comes with a 3.3 kW charger that helps replenish the Lithium-ion battery from zero to 100 per cent in 7 hours and zero to 80 per cent in just 5 hours.

Amidst its small footprint, the MG Comet EV is a sensible option for people commuting in the city. It boasts a long features list comprising a twin 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with connected technology and voice command, keyless entry and go, drive modes, iPod-inspired controls on the steering wheel EPB, HSA and a lot more.

Due to its zero-emission nature, owning the Comet EV will save you plenty of money to the point that you are buying it for free in the long run. In the video linked above we have talked about its practicality and other key aspects along with the low maintenance costs and savings that will indeed shock you!