Here Are The Top 15 Features Of Upcoming Kia Seltos SUV

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With plenty of anticipation, the Kia Seltos SUV unveiled in India on 20th June is all set to launch on 22nd August with many segment first features

Kia Motors globally unveiled the Seltos in India last week, also debuting the South Korean brand in the domestic market. The Kia Seltos’ name is derived from Greek God Celtos and combined with Speed, it becomes Seltos. The small SUV promises to bring many new features to India and is scheduled to launch in India on 22nd August. From SP Concept to Seltos, the SUV hasn’t changed much visually. But what’s so charming inside the cabin are the many segment-first features.

Without further ado, here are the 15 premium features that will be onboard in the upcoming Kia Seltos SUV:

1. Colour TFT Screen in Instrument Cluster:

The Seltos SUV will face big competition from the soon-arriving MG Hector and thus it is stacked with upscale connective and modern features. The coloured TFT screen sits in the middle of the instrument cluster and it could be a 4.2-inch unit showing plenty of information including the digital clock, distance to empty, fuel level and much more. A heads up display will also be on offer in the top-end variants.

Kia SP2i colour tft screen

2. Floating 10.25-Inch Touchscreen:

The 10-25-inch horizontally positioned touchscreen infotainment system is the major attraction of the interior and it appears to have been derived from the Telluride, the recently introduced SUV with the brand’s largest footprint.

It could be slightly angled towards the driver and enables Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, navigation, 360-degree camera known as Available Surround View Monitor (SVM) that uses four exterior mounted cameras, multiple Bluetooth connections, etc.

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3. Electronic Parking Brake:

The EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) is different from existing parking systems which operated with the brake pedal or the lever type. It sends the signal to the ECU when a driver operates the EPB switch, which in turn operates the EPB actuator composed with motor gears. It makes life a lot easier for the driver when compared to the pull-type mechanical system.

Kia SP2i electronic parking brake

4. Wireless Charging Facility:

With customers wanting to have upmarket amenities on board, automobile manufacturers are indeed responding as wireless charging is almost on the must-have category at least as an option and Kia Seltos will be sold with it.

5. Quiet Mode:

In the official teaser sketches, it is easy to note a range of options available in Seltos teaser images such as driver info, voice memo, radio, climate (likely single zone climate control), map, favourites and phone. But the most unique features are obviously the Quiet Mode and Driver Talk Mode.

Quiet Mode only uses front row speakers and has the ability to connect more than one phone over Bluetooth while music can now be played only in the front of the vehicle with just a touch of a button.

Kia SP2i driver talk mode

6. Driver Talk Mode:

Driver Talk Mode, on the other hand, amplifies the voice of the driver to rear passengers. Basically, the audio systems in-car driver talk intercom lets the driver speak with rear seat passengers without the need to shout or turnaround. Both the options are part of “Separated Zone Technology” that isolates acoustic fields around the cabin of a vehicle and then allows speakers to increase or reduce audio levels individually.

7. Hill Assist:

Kia SP2i hill assist control

Despite the use of less physical buttons, the centre stack in the Kia SP2i is a busy place to be due to several technologies. The Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) prevents rolling back of the vehicle by applying brakes automatically for about 2 seconds and they are released when the accelerator pedal is depressed or after about 2 seconds.

8. Auto Start/Stop:

Kia’s Intelligent Stop & Go technology comes in handy especially during jammed up traffic scenarios and it will make to Seltos as well. In a typical case, the auto start/stop function, when enabled, stops the engine to reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact and it gets activated when decelerated to below 5 kmph, gear in neutral and clutch pedal is released.

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9. Ventilated Seats:

Kia will offer the Seltos with ventilated front seats. It works in a way that the seats come equipped with a cooling system on the inside with cool air sent to the back and bottom of the seat when the system is engaged.

10. Steering Modes & Drive Mode Selector:

Kia’s Drive Mode Select feature in upcoming Seltos SUV includes three settings: Normal, Eco, and Sport. Each drive mode is specifically developed to improve the SUV’s efficiency by either maximising performance or fuel efficiency for the enhanced driving experience. Transmission shift points, throttle response and steering are altered based on each setting.

Kia SP2i steering modes

11. Adaptive Crusie Control

Using the Kia Smart Cruise Control, the Seltos SUV will speed up to your selected speed and stay there until manually overridden or if there is traffic ahead. This technology runs alongside a scanner at the front of the Seltos that judges the distance between the SUV and the traffic in front and adjusts the speed automatically.

adaptive crusie control kia sp2i

12. Paddle Shifters

The paddle shifter is available when the shift lever is in the D position or the sports mode. It will operate when the vehicle speed is more than 10 kmph. Pull the [+] or [-] paddle shifter once to shift up or down one gear and the system changes from automatic mode to manual mode.

paddle shifters kia sp2i

When the vehicle speed is lower than 10kmph, if you depress the accelerator pedal for more than 5 seconds or if you shift the shift lever from D to sports mode and shift it from sports mode to D (Drive) again, the system changes from manual to automatic mode. It is likely to be offered only in the 1.5-litre petrol variant.

13. Eight-inch HUD

The Kia Seltos, once launched, will be the first car not only in its segment but two segments above to get a Heads Up Display. The HUD display helps a great deed in safety as the driver doesn’t have to look on the instrument cluster for speed and other necessary information. We are not sure what all functions will the HUD display, but speed and navigation can make the list.

kia features seltos

14. 360-degree camera with blind spot display

While almost every other car gets a reverse parking camera, the 360-degree camera takes the technology to a new level by stiching images from front and back giving a full 360-degree view of the area around the car, which is helpful in parking and bumper to bumper traffic.

15. Eight-speaker Bose audio system with ambient light

kia seltos features-3

Lastly, the Seltos will get an 8-speaker Bose sourced audio system to give it a theatre style audio quality. What’s new in the system is that there will be ambient lighting with speakers to change the colours as per the choice of song and set the mood right while driving.