Here Are 7 Modified Yamaha RX100 Worth Drooling Over

yamaha RX100-1

Here, we have listed some of the best custom-built/resto-modded Yamaha RX 100 in India, which are sure to make your day better

Back when emission norms allowed two-stroke motorcycles to run on the streets, Indian motorcycle enthusiasts had a lot of gems available. Yamaha RX100 was one of them, offering explosive performance despite being powered by a tiny 98cc engine. With 11 PS of peak power on tap, it was quite a performer, but it had to be discontinued in favour of clean air and a healthy planet.

Even after more than two decades of its discontinuation, there are a few surviving examples of Yamaha RX 100, restored as well as customised. Here, we take a look at seven examples that will make your heart jump with joy.

1. Modified Yamaha RX100 Dirt Tracker

Starting off our list is this lovely dirt tracker, built by RTM Design. The motorcycle sports a few off-road specific mods, like a long-travel rear monoshock, a tall handlebar (with a brace), and wire-spoked wheels with knobbly tyres.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by RTM Design 1

Other than that, we see a bulbous custom fuel tank here, along with a long but thin single-piece seat. Some bodywork has also been removed, exposing the frame, which helps with the weight reduction as well.

2. Custom Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer

IRONic Engineering, based in Hyderabad, Telangana, has built this lovely RX 100-based retro racer. The motorcycle sports a tiny round headlamp with a custom front cowl, along with clip-on handlebars, and aerodynamic side fairing.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by IRONic Engineering 1

It also gets a custom fuel tank, a new single seat with a sporty rear cowl. Overall, the motorcycle looks extremely slim, sleek, and sporty; perfect for weekend track-day runs.

3. Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer

This modified RX 100 has been built by Vedansh Automobile, a custom garage based in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The motorcycle sports a custom paint job – matte grey with white stripes – along with clip-on handlebars, bar-end rearview mirrors, a custom seat, and a new LED taillight.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by Vedansh Automobile 2

Interestingly, it also gets block pattern tyres and aftermarket alloy wheels. The modifications aren’t too extensive, and the old-school charm of the design has been preserved.

4. Modified Yamaha RX100

This here is a custom-built RX 100 by Ornithopter Moto Design of Nasik, Maharashtra. The motorcycle gets a pair of custom clip-on handlebars, a sleek-looking fuel tank, a new LED headlight, and a new ribbed seat. The bodywork has also been stripped down, exposing the frame and air filter.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by Ornithopter Moto Design 2

The engine assembly has been blacked out, which contrasts well with the yellow and grey paint on the tank. It also gets a single-pod instrument console, offset to the left, which look especially cool.

5. Custom-built Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer

Chennai-based Nizcita has built this extremely pretty cafe racer. This custom RX 100 gets a loud paint job, consisting of a grey body, red seat, and golden engine cover and wheels, along with red highlights below the fuel tank and on the rear suspension.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by Nizcita 3

The fuel tank is extremely long and slender, the seat is small, and the custom clip-ons are low-set. Apart from that, a new single-pod instrument cluster has been added here, along with block pattern tyres.

6. Yamaha RX 100 Sero

Christened ‘Sero’, this custom-built RX 100 takes an aggressive approach towards simplicity. Built by Mumbai-based Jedi customs, this motorcycle loses a majority of its bodywork for weight reduction.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by Jedi Customs 2

The final result is a beautiful, lightweight, retro-style cafe racer. Noticeable design details include a custom fuel tank, a new single-piece seat, dual gas-charged rear shockers, and a custom chain cover with ‘Yamaha’ branding.

7. Restored Yamaha RX100

The folks at Ravi Yamaha, based in Kanker, Chhattisgarh, have beautifully restored this Yamaha RX 100. The styling of the original has been preserved, although a few accessories have been added, like alloy wheels and a custom exhaust.

modified Yamaha RX 100 by Ravi Yamaha 1

The motorcycle sports silver paint with golden and red pinstripes, which look extremely cool. Thanks to the brilliant restoration, the bike looks shiny and new, like it rolled off the production line just yesterday.