5 Health Benefits Of Riding Motorcycles

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Motorcycle riding comes with several health benefits apart from the thrill and adventure

If you are an avid motorcyclist, you might have already heard the advisers telling you the dangers and perils of riding. It is a very common practice among people to say motorcycling is unsafe and comes with life risks. Well, we are not saying that motorcycling is out of danger, but wearing proper protective gear, sincere and cautious riding practice can certainly minimise that.

Motorcycling is not only about the risks involved but the joy of riding and several health benefits that go along. Yes, you read that right. Motorcycling can actually help to attain some health benefits for which we run to gym. It also helps to improve mental health of the rider. Here, we take you through the 5 health benefits of riding motorcycles:

Calorie Burn

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Motorcycling helps in burning calories. With one hour of riding motorcycle the rider is estimated to burn 200-300 calories. However, it depends on the terrain the motorcyclist is riding the machine. More rugged the terrain is, more calories burn due to the effort the rider needs to take to maintain balance and control. Therefore, if someone rides a motorcycle an hour a day for five days a week over the period of a year, he or she can actually burn 65,000 calories, which means the rider loses 8.39 kg fat in some case.

Stronger Thighs and Lesser Knee Problems

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Motorcycle riders face lesser knee problems than the people who don’t ride a motorcycle. This is because riding helps in strengthening the thigh muscles. Thus it helps in keeping the knee elements in place. Also, several riders have found that their knee pain is relieved by riding a motorcycle.

Stronger Core Muscles

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Motorcycle riding helps in strengthening the core muscles at abdomen and back. While the rider tries to maintain the balance, the effort he or she makes effects in building stronger abdominal and back muscles. This is why the rider feels a sore back after riding a motorcycle for a long time. Riding a motorcycle also helps in strengthening the muscles and joints from the neck to the pelvis and thanks to the all these stronger muscles the posture gets improved.

Improved Brain Performance

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Motorcycle riding helps in improving brain performance. A study conducted by University of Tokyo has revealed that the persons who regularly rides a motorcycle comes with better cognitive functioning compared to those who don’t ride motorcycle. This is due to the constant mental stimulation and perception the motorcycle riders make on the open road.

Improvement of Mental Health

Motorcycle riders are known for having better mental health compared to those who don’t ride. The riders come with higher level of life satisfaction and overall happiness. Being in a good mental state certainly helps in overall physical well being and a better life as well.