Harley-Davidson’s Royal Enfield Rival Will Look Like This? Rendering


Harley-Davidson will soon enter the 250cc segment. The bike would be the most affordable Harley-Davidson ever

Harley Davidson, one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer is known for their world-class cruiser motorcycles. Harley-Davidson is now working to enter the mass segment with new launches and capture more markets. Until now, Harley-Davidson’s has been present only in mid-size and above segments and even their entry-level Harley-Davidson Street 750 gets a big engine capacity of 750cc.

However, looking at the success of lower-segment bikes of the masses, Harley has decided to jump on the bandwagon. Royal Enfield, the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has a massive presence in the entry-level classic bikes and Harley-Davidson is planning to take on the Royal Enfield in similar segments.

However, Harley-Davidson has not revealed anything concrete on the same and they can also enter a different segment altogether. Here is a render is done by a Japanese blog on how the upcoming Harley-Davidson’s 250cc model would look like. The entry-level Harley-Davidson may not be a Royal Enfield challenger after all and it could be a practical flat-tracker styled bike.

The rendering image shows the uni-body of the Harley-Davidson 250cc bike. It minimal body keeps the chassis of the bike uncovered, giving it a very raw look. It is a single-seater street bike with aggressive styling and looks like a modification garage’s job. Harley-Davidson is currently working on the project and has not revealed the engine that will be used in it.

But to keep the prices for the masses, we think it would be a single-cylinder motorcycle, just like most of the mass segment bikes. Meanwhile, Royal Enfield, the best-seller in the 250cc+ segment in India is planning to enter the mid-weight twin-cylinder segment in India. The manufacturer has already launched the Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Continental GT 650 in the USA market and next month, the bikes would be launched in India.

Royal Enfield has a massive popularity in the emerging markets due to its style and unique sounding engine. Harley-Davidson would target similar markets to increase their unit sales and capture new market share. The bike is expected to be launched in around 2020 and will be positioned at a premium price.