Harley-Davidson FatBoy Special and SuperLow Discontinued from Indian Market

2014 Harley Davidson Superlow

Harley-Davidson FatBoy Special and SuperLow Discontinued from the Indian market as the numbers weren’t that great because of heavy cannibalization

Couple of months ago, Harley-Davidson India launched their 2016 motorcycle lineup for India at a recent rock show and custom event which it does every year. The changes were done to all models and the products which were changed as a facelift were under its new Dark Custom theme. The company that time decided to change its lineup look out and discontinued two models such as the Superlow and FatBoy special in the country.

Harley-Davidson FatBoy Special and SuperLow are no more visible on the Harley’s Indian website. This move has been done because the bikes won’t sell much as they cannibalize more with the lower priced and specked variant in the lineup such as the Forty-Eight and Iron 883 which are quite popular in our country.

harley davidson fat boy special

Harley-Davidson Street 750 is also responsible to some extent as the entry-level model from Harley for the first time changed the way the public behaves towards the brand and what is the real entry-level product matters in the line up. Since these three models, which were popular and got the Dark Custom treatment and others, As a result, the Harley-Davidson FatBoy Special and SuperLow were discontinued

The sales number digital were very poor and SIAM data suggest it was in the low double-digit such as 20 and 10 units per month since last six-eight months. The SuperLow came with the 883cc engine which made 69 Nm of torque. Meanwhile the Fatboy had the 1609cc engine. Harley has recently refreshed its entire lineup globally as the threat from Victory and Indian motorcycles is increasing. To keep cost in check, it has discontinued these motorcycle from the lineup. There are chances that some time later these new models could come if the brand gets the demand for it.

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