Hand Sanitizers Tend To Explode When Left Inside Hot Car, Warns Fire Dept

Hand Sanitizers Tend To Explode When Left Inside Hot Car-1

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers have the ability to cause a fire when exposed to sunlight and you should be careful while leaving them inside your car

Here you are going to read a warning about hand sanitizer published by a fire department and it holds plenty of significance. ‘Hand sanitizer’ is one of the trending topics in the last few months due to the obvious scenarios persisting across the globe. It is a daily usable product everyone has access to for preventing the rapid spread of the disease that has shaken the world economy.

While keeping yourselves sanitized and maintaining a proper hygiene, you would have come across several videos on the internet regarding the sanitization of vehicles, cars in particular. A fire department has warned that alcohol-based products can burn through a vehicle’s body easily if exposed in the sunlight for a long period of time during hot weather conditions.

In the United States, which has been affected the most by this crisis as the so-called developed country and world superpower could not contain the spread, the Western Lakes Fire District in Wisconsin has shared a picture on social media with the evidence of a burned car door. They explained that hand sanitizer having alcohol composition is certainly inflammable.

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The post on Facebook also pointed the finger at keeping water bottles clear when kept in warm inside the car. It read: “That still holds true and so does hand sanitiser! By its nature, most hand sanitiser is alcohol-based and therefore flammable.

“Keeping it in your car during hot weather, exposing it to sun causing magnification of light through the bottle – and particularly being next to the open flame while smoking in vehicles or grilling while enjoying this weekend – can lead to disaster.”

The fire department also said surveillance is needed for other liquids as clear water bottles can focus light to the point that they “boil the water and explode”. The same scenario applies for other such substances when exposed to heat during high-temperature conditions. The incident could repeat and you could be in such a position when high cabin temperatures exist especially in the seasonal summer.

With the usage of hand sanitizers only getting increased, manufacturers that are not used to producing such substances are now involved in developing them due to the demand. In some countries, breweries, fin distilleries, fashion brands, etc are producing hand sanitizers to meet the consumer requirements.

Even Louis Vuitton has prepared its production sites to manufacture substantial quantities of hydro-alcoholic gel in France for supply to authorities. Since India is a heat-bound country for most parts of the year, we urge our readers to carefully use the hand sanitizers and try their best not to expose them to sunlight when kept in automobiles.