Guy Martin Breaks Triumph Land Speed Record

Guy Martin Breaks New Triumph Land Speed Record

Guy Martin breaks Triumph land speed record as the Englishman clocked 441.2 kmph on a practice test run with the Infor Rocket Streamliner

The Isle of Man TT legend and multiple speed record holder Guy Martin officially confirmed the return to legendary Salt Flats of Bonneville, USA with Triumph Motorcycles in the beginning of August to break the motorcycle world land speed record. He was sponsored by global cloud applications provider Infor and clothing brand Belstaff.

The Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner boasts a carbon Kevlar monocoque construction with twin turbo Triumph Rocket III engines which are good enough to pump out a combined power output of over 1,000 bhp at 9,000 rpm. The fully-covered motorcycle is 7.77 metre long, 0.609 metre wide and 0.914 metre tall and is fuelled by methanol.

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The Infor Rocket was ridden in the Division C (streamlined motorcycle) category by Guy Martin as he piloted over the measured mile aiming to exceed the ex-Triumph record. Triumph is widely-known for breaking land speed records as the previous machines that etched their place in history were Texas Cee-gar, Dudek Streamliner, Gyronaut X1 and Devil’s Arrow as the latter mastered a top speed of (245.667 mph) 395.28 kmph in the past.

The much touted two-wheeled land speed record had Guy Martin practicing for the attempt at the 40 square mile salt pan in northwestern Utah. The Lincolnshire-based rider has managed to achieve a new record during practice itself ahead of the British team’s world land speed record attempt at the end of August.

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He clocked 441.2 kmph (274.2 mph) as Rocky Robinson’s record set in 2010 riding the Top Oil Ack Attack streamliner with (376.363 mph) 605.697 kmph was tumbled. With the record it can be said that the 46-year-old Englishman is getting the hold of the Streamliner already after five days of testing as the conditions in salt flats were perfect for a target run to demonstrate how quick the Infor Rocket can go yesterday.

Every run has been productive as Triumph chief designer Matt Markstaller anticipated. Triumph teamed up with Matt Markstaller and Bob Carpenter to restore the legacy in land speed racing. Markstaller serves as aerodynamic engineer while Carpenter is responsible for engine building.

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The elated Guy said “It’s good and we are moving in the right direction, but it is just one step on the way to what me and team are here to do,” The crew will be focussing on 400 mph when they return for the world land speed record attempt in last week of August.

The iconic Bonneville name came up due to Johnny Allen’s land speed record runs at the Salt Flats in 1956 when he reached 193.72 mph. The first T120 Bonneville model arrived at the Earls Court Bike Show and went on sale three years later. Triumph Motorcycles held the title of “World’s Fastest Motorcycle” from 1955 to 1970 with the exception of a brief 33-day period.