Owner Fakes Theft Of His Audi A4 To Wrongfully Claim Insurance Money

audi fake gurgaon theft

The old generation Audi A4 whose theft was faked was recently recovered by police from a safe house in Meerut, while the accused and his accomplices have been arrested

It’s said that desperate times call for desperate measures and it looks like the ongoing situation has really pushed some to resort to unlawful activities in order to earn a quick buck. The case in point here is a recent incident that has come to light. As per a video clipping from a news channel, one Harmaan Singh has been booked along with his friends for faking the theft of his Audi A4.

As per Preet Pal Singh, SP (Crime), Gurgaon, Harmaan recently lodged an FIR with the local police station in which he mentioned that he was approached by someone on seeing a classified posted by him on OLX for the sale of his old generation Audi A4.

As per him, the person who approached him visited him along with his friend on a motorcycle. While the motorcyclist left soon thereafter, the other person insisted on a test drive of the vehicle.

Next, Harmaan claimed that the interested party didn’t allow him to get into the vehicle and sped away. However, on investigation, the Gurgaon police found out that while Harmaan had actually posted a classified for his Audi A4, it was done in order to fake theft and wrongfully claim insurance money.

The cops were soon to find out the real motive behind the posting of the classified and nabbed Harmaan under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. The Audi car in question was recovered from Meerut, where it was hidden by the owner.

It may be noted here that it is not the first time a car owner has tried to wrongfully claim insurance by faking the theft of his vehicle. However, the recent incident comes at a time when the entire country is reeling under a tough economic condition, wherein several people have faced a huge economic stress. Hence, we won’t be surprised to know if Harmaan faked the theft of his car in order to earn a quick buck.