Graphene Aluminum-Ion Batteries Could Triple The Electric Vehicles Range

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Graphene aluminium-ion batteries could last three times longer than lithium-ion batteries, and are capable of charging an iPhone in 10 seconds

Australia-based Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) is working on the development of graphene aluminium-ion batteries. The new tech is currently being used to produce prototype coin cells, and is scheduled for customer testing later this year. The new battery will find application in watches, phones, laptops, grid storage, and of course, electric vehicles.

GMG claims that the graphene aluminium-ion batteries can charge up to 60 times faster than any lithium-ion battery currently in use, and holds three times the energy compared to the best aluminium-based batteries available. Testing also reveals that the coin cells can last three times longer than their lithium-ion counterparts. They are safer as well, as the lack of an upper Ampere limit would prevent spontaneous combustion.

Graphene aluminium-ion batteries are much more sustainable and easier to recycle as well, due to their stable base materials. The battery cells feature aluminium atoms inserted inside tiny perforations in graphene planes using nanotechnology. According to company claims, the new cells have far better energy density than Li-ion batteries, without facing any heating and cooling issues.

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Craig Nicol, CEO and Managing Director of GMG, has stated that the new battery tech could be built to function with existing lithium-ion architectures. This would allow various industries, like automobile, mobile phone, etc., to switch to graphene aluminium-ion cells without any alterations to their products. “It’s a direct replacement that charges so fast it’s basically a super capacitor,” he said, “It charges an iPhone coin cell in less than 10 seconds.”

Dr Ashok Nanjundan, GMG’s Chief Scientific Officer, said, “This is a real game-changing technology which can offer a real alternative with an interchangeable battery technology for the existing lithium-ion batteries in almost every application with GMG’s Graphene and UQ’s patent-pending aluminium ion battery technology.

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The new battery tech doesn’t use rare-earth minerals, which has significant environmental advantages. Also, lithium is an extremely poisonous metal, whereas aluminium isn’t, thus the company claims that it is significantly safer for household use as well. Currently, GMG has not struck a deal with any major manufacturer for the tech and is focussing on rolling out prototype cells for testing.