GP Petroleums Partners Repsol To Launch Lubricant Range In India


GP Petroleums and Repsol forms strategic partnership to manufacture and sale Repsol’s lubricants in India

In order to bring the positive change in the Indian automotive segment, GP Petroleum Ltd, a subsidiary of UAE based leading player in the oil industry formed a strategic partnership with another No1 Spain based petroleum company ‘Repsol’ in order to manufacture Repsol superior quality lubricants especially for the Indian market.

With this step, the GP Petroleum will even widen its strong presence towards the Indian market as well with respect to its smart marketing strategy. With the Indian economy showing recovery and good days, the lubricant market is also expected to show some good growth in the coming days.

Mr. Sudhir Goyel, Managing Director, Gulf Petrochem Group said 

We are delighted to announce the tie-up with Repsol, a very well-reputed international brand and we will be marketing their entire product range as part of our portfolio. With the economy showing recovery, the lubricant segment is expected to witness growth in future. With the changing engine technology, Repsol lubricants which is focused on innovation is the answer to today’s consumer needs.

Gulf-Petrochem Repsol
From left – Mr. Victor Velazquez Lopez , Mr. Carlos Pascual, Mr. B.M Bansal & Mr. Thangapandian. S

As per Lubricants Director of Repsol, Orlando Carbo

 We see the Indian market to have great potential. India will be a very important market for us and this tie-up will help us expand our footprints in this ever growing economy. Partnering with GP Petroleums Ltd, a brand with strong presence in the Indian lubricant market, has given us a firsthand advantage in this sector. With our strengths together, we extend our capabilities to globally distribute a wider variety of products,

On the other hand, another advantage that the tie-up will have is that the Repsol products have added benefits and special features, which will cater to the newly emerging premium as well as the top-end segment across the country. With GP Petroleums having well equipped facilities with special features like hi-tech blending facility, quality-control test labs as well as automated filling and packaging stations, the advantages are sure to benefit the Repsol brand too. So much so, the GP Petroleum in-house Base Oil Storage facility (17,000 KL) is one of the largest in the Indian industry, which helps to suffice annual production capacity of 80,000 KL at least. It even has accurate measures and controls the strong volume effectively.

repsol engine oil

With such benefits already in the company’s facility unit, the partnership with Repsol will be an added advantage for the latter company to market its products and benefits effectively in the Indian market. a true win-win situation for both the brands.