Government Plans Reducing Noise Level Of Vehicle Horns In India


The Indian government is planning to fix the lowest range to 88 db and maximum limit at just 100 db as it is one of the highest in the world

The Indian government is doing lots of things to make our road safer and reduce pollution. One of the major problems in our city and highway is loud horns even though the current noise levels are fixed in the range of 93 db to 112 db, it is one of the highest in the world. The ministry is planning to bring down the maximum noise levels by around 10 per cent.

Abhay Damle, joint secretary in the ministry of road, transport and highway said that the government is planning to fix the lowest range to 88 db and maximum limit at just 100 db. But the ministry can’t take a decision alone, so they have already conducted several rounds of discussions with automobile manufacturers and SIAM.

But they are yet to take a final decision as everything needs to be changed accordingly to make this happen. In the next round of meeting, they will take a decision on this. The noise pollution is the key cause of increasing hearing loss and damage to the eardrum, which is why the government took this decision to bring down the maximum range.

The government has already banned the use of pressure horns and multi-tone horns as they are used commonly in trucks and buses, but still, they are easily available in second-hand markets because the enforcement of these rules are not proper and the ministry is working on a plan to stop this also.

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One of the top officials of a luxury manufacturer said that they use special category horns for Indian vehicles as it is very high compared to what they use in Europe and US. National Green Tribunal has already criticised the issue of loud horns so many times along with some high courts also, but the government didn’t take a decision on it.

In the coming weeks, we can expect an official announcement and the Central Motor Vehicle rules will be changed accordingly. They might introduce fines also for using horns in city or other places, which will help the government to bring down noise pollution. We request all our readers not to use horns in city or highways.