Government Mulling Over Different Set of Licence For Superbikes

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Government Mulling Over Different Set of Licence For Superbikes; 500cc and above could get European style licence

Government Mulling Over Different Set of Licence For Superbikes! Yes, that’s right, you heard it clearly. This is somewhat a criticism we have been sharing as journalist for quite some time now. 18-20 year old bikers riding a 1000cc bikes instead of 100-150cc bikes is something that we witness sometimes. This scares the living day light of us rather than the folks and the guy who is riding the bike. An in experienced biker who just blips the throttle in the city is also something that can be dangerous.

Government has also witnessed the same and in one more way too. The government says that most accidents happen are of two-wheelers in the country and hence has come up with two ways. Keep the headlight on as a DRL which most sports bikes and middle weight international bikes have. There also a work in progress that allows the horn to be activated once the bike is crashed and notify by passer to help the person if the rider is unable to do so.

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Road transport ministry also said in a previous statement that all manufacturers have obliged to the DRL system and will work on making horn idea is passed. Another law, as we all know, is ABS and CBS will be standard on bikes which are manufactured in 2017. The superbike licence will be a welcome move by buyers and sellers and critics should be happy with it as well.

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This makes sure the cost of life is always higher and safety comes first. The government will do a stellar job if they implement Licence For Superbikes. By making licence test a bit tougher and make licence approval a little more than the current walk in the park, as it is right now, for normal people who apply for licence. Licence

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