Gordon Murray and Shell Unveil Ultra Eneregy Efficient Concept City Car

The concept car is based on Gordon Murray’s T.25 city car showcased in 2010


Gordon Murray has finally revealed his concept city car, which is ultra energy efficient and a result of joint development by him, Shell and Geo Technology. The concept is based on the T.25 city car which was first showcased way back in 2010. The final concept car which has been revealed took nearly three years to be developed. The concept will make its debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show scheduled from 25th April to 4th May.

The concept car can reduce 34% of energy usage over its entire lifespan compare to an usual small city car. Moreover, compare to a SUV this concept is capable to produce 69% more energy efficiency. Statistically, Gordon Murray’s new concept city car can deliver around 45.49 kmpl of amazing fuel efficiency, while running at a speed of 70 kmph. A test shows that the concept car emits 28% less CO2 compare to a standard city car and 32% less than a hybrid car. The car weighs 550 kilogram, which is 80 kilogram less than the T.25.

Shell Concept car has a centralized driving position

Gordon Murray’s concept city car has been redesigned by the engineers with the tubular frame and recycled carbon fibre has been used to manufacture the body, which significantly lessened the weight. Some body parts of this car have been 3D printed. The small car gets two doors at each side and it sports a squeezed look. It gets a 160 litres of boot space as well, which enhances the practicality of the car.

Shell concept car comes with amazing energy efficiency

The cabin of the Gordon Murray’s concept car looks interesting. It gets a central driving position, with seats for two occupants at the second row. Shell’s bosses claim, this car might be very small in size, but it is efficient and it also comes with potential. The lesser CO2 emission and energy efficiency will certainly make a major impact, as the Shell bosses believe.

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