Google Map Gets Two-Wheeler Mode For Riding Convenience

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Google map’s two-wheeler mode is available only for Android users; iOS users to get the feature soon

Google Map has come up with an innovative solution for the two-wheeler riders. It has launched a new feature called two-wheeler mode that will help the riders with a more convenient and faster option to find direction. This comes as an addition to Car, Train and Foot options already available in Google Map.

What’s more interesting is that, this two-wheeler mode of Google Map is an India-first feature. Currently only the Android users will be able to avail this feature in the latest version of Google Map (v9.67) and iOS users too are expected to receive the update anytime soon. This feature comes with voice assist, similar to the Car option in Google Map.

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As Google claims, this new feature of Google Map will help the riders with routes that will take significantly less time compared to cars to reach the same destination. Considering the fact that Indian roads are dominated by two-wheelers and there are several number of roads which are accessible only on two-wheelers instead of cars, this feature is expected to be very helpful as well as it is likely to be popular as well.

Not only the shortest and fastest route, this two-wheeler mode of Google Map also shows other useful options like alternative routes, parking informations and also the possible road closure. So far, on an average, using this feature a rider can save a significant amount of time compared to using the Car option of the app.

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The feature is expected help the commuters who use two-wheelers in metro cities across India where traffic congestion remain a notorious problem. Using the two-wheeler mode, riders can easily avail the bylanes to reach the destinations much faster than the roads.

Speaking about the reason of choosing India as the first place to roll out this feature of Google Map, the American tech giant says it wanted to launch the service in the biggest two-wheeler market of the world. The service will be rolled out in other parts of the world in near future.