Gogoro Partners With Suzuki Subsidiary For Developing Electric Scooters


Tai Ling will be partnering with the ‘Powered with Gogoro’ network to build electric scooters with swappable batteries

Tai Ling, Suzuki’s manufacturing subsidiary in Taiwan, will be using Gogoro’s vast network of swappable batteries and co-develop electric scooters. In Taiwan, Gogoro claims that it has around 1300 swapping stations, which allows EV owners to swap batteries rather than having to charge them from time to time. Hence, it makes a viable option to own an e-scooter in the country.

Tai Ling is not just limited to Suzuki scooters, as the Taiwanese sub-brand also sells Suzuki sports bikes, ranging from the GSX-R150 up to the GSX-R1000. However, there is now news regarding the development of electric bikes, and the brands together will be sticking to the development of electric scooters for now.

Horace Luke, CEO, Gogoro said in a statement, “We are excited to be partnering with Tai Ling, the exclusive long time commercialization partner of Suzuki for motorcycles and scooters in Taiwan, to propel their electric vehicle strategies forward. The world is experiencing unprecedented momentum for electric transportation, especially in Taiwan, and people are demanding smart electrical vehicle choices and Gogoro is enabling the ecosystem to support it.”


Last year, Gogoro had teamed up with Yamaha to produce e-scooters, the result of which was the EC-5 scooter with swappable batteries. Gogoro has been in this business for eight years, and as of now, the brand is one of the leading EV makers in Taiwan. Gogoro claims that a total of 1 lakh batteries are swapped at its stations every day, making it one of the largest battery-swapping networks in the world.

Also, the partnerships with the two of the biggest Japanese manufacturers further extends its reach. Earlier this year, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki And Kawasaki had signed an agreement to work on building electric platforms together. However, there is no news of something coming up yet, except for Yamaha and Suzuki, since they have already partnered with the Taiwanese company.


Currently, Gogoro has no plans to enter the Indian market. However, given its ties with Yamaha and Suzuki, the brand might just end up on our shores in the near future once India’s EV infrastructure is strong enough.